Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Years

Staley is now an official 2 year old.  And, in keeping with tradition, I am going to include my 'what Staley is doing at a certain age' up-date.  This is probably more for me than for you.  (I definitely used these posts when filling in her baby book.)  So if this is a little too much Staley information for your liking, feel free to skip this post.

Staley had her 2 year check-up today.  She is now weighing in at 27 lbs (55th percentile) and measuring 33" (28th percentile).  She is wearing size 4 diapers, size 18-24 month clothes, and some of her 2T clothes.  She sleeps from 7:30-7:00 every night and takes 1 nap (mostly) each day for 1 1/2-2 hours, although in the past few weeks, Staley has been choosing to talk and sing in her crib for an hour instead of sleep during nap for a day or two each week.  The one thing that never changes about Staley is that she remains her happy, loving, easy-going little self.

So excited about helping pick out birthday balloons.

Likes:  Staley has a long list of 'likes'.  She loves playing with other kids (especially her cousins and friends at the baby-sitters), swimming, bath time, playing outside, going for walks, music, singing, dancing, Zoodling (her special after-dinner treat), watching TV (her one show/day during afternoon snack), coloring and painting, and going on outings.  It's hard to list favorite toys because she plays with lots of her toys, but her kitchen, princesses/princess castle, dolls/stuffed animals, new doctor kit, and trains are probably at the top of her list.  She loves, loves, loves to read anything and everything.  Her Dora books, any new book (gifts, from the library, or forgotten on the shelf for awhile), and her Princess Magic seek-and-find book are probably the ones we read most often right now.  Staley always gets excited about watching her television shows, but Dora and  Strawberry Shortcake are the most frequent requests.  Staley is a good eater, but favorite foods include fruit snacks, pancakes, chicken nuggets, fish, any and all fruit, and special treats (M&Ms, cookies, ice cream).  And, of course, Yellow Bear remains her most special friend.

Going on a 'boat ride' with all her stuffed animals (and her Polar Express bell).

Dislikes:  Staley doesn't like stopping preferred activities and being told 'no'.  She doesn't throw big tantrums, but will display the occasional short-lived crying when something isn't going her way.  She definitely shares her preferences about what she wants to wear and do, and she likes to do things independently.

Skills:  At 2, Staley is happy and active.  She walks up and down stairs by herself, holding onto the wall or railing.  She loves to jump, dance, and twirl.  She can climb onto and off of chairs and couches.  She loves to do things by herself.  She feeds herself with silverware, although often resorts back to her fingers.  She can drink from an open cup well.  She loves to help me cook and clean.  She likes to help brush her teeth, wash herself at bathtime, and wash her hands.  She can blow her nose into a tissue.  Staley can take off her socks and shoes.  She can put on her own coat and hat.  She is not potty trained, but will let us know when her diaper is dirty (and sometimes wet), and still sporadically sits on the potty.  Staley is getting good at doing puzzles, drawing lines and circles, and using the touch screen on the Kindle.  She is starting to play games (like Memory), is great at sharing, and loves to include others in her play.  Staley is always engaging in imaginary play, and we don't need to the leave the house to go on walks, boat rides, trips to the zoo, or parades.  Staley loves to sing, and has a wide repertoire of songs and nursery rhymes that she sings in bed, at the dinner table, in the grocery store, in the car, and when playing around the house.  (Pretty much whenever, wherever the mood strikes.) 

Staley playing her new shape matching game.

Language and memory have always been strengths for Staley.  She talks in sentences, tells stories, uses pronouns well, and correctly uses words like almost, not yet, mostly, and yesterday.  She says things like "my manners are impeccable" or "I need to find the seam" (when unwrapping presents).  She is starting to rhyme, although her rhymes usually include a nonsense word like 'thunder' and 'munder.'  She can sing her alphabet, count to 18 (inconsistently)/ 13 (consistently), knows all her colors, knows most of her upper case alphabet, knows about half of her shapes, can recite her months of the year (leaving out November), and knows most of her days of the week.  Staley can spell her name (although sometimes leaves out the 'L, E') and knows her address (although always says '123' instead of '321' for the house number.)  She knows her birthday, the birthday months of Zach and I, her age, and the towns we visit frequently.  (For example, she knows that she lives in Eureka and Grammie and Grandpa live in Morton.)  From reading her books and playing with her toys, Staley knows the names of all the princesses, Dora and all Dora's friends, all the Sesame Street characters, Mickey and friends, and many of the Thomas the Train characters.  She can also name most of the skill position players for the Chicago Bears, including quaterback (Jay Cutler), running back (Matt Forte), kicker (Robbie Gould), tackler (Brian Urlacher), and long snapper (Patrick Mannelly).  She knows the names of most animals, sea animals, construction vehicles, and people in her life (like friends, neighbors, music class classmates, librarians, and grocery store workers we talk to frequently.)  Staley has a great memory, and has memorized many of her books that she likes to read to us, herself, and her stuffed animals.  The things Staley knows and remembers often astound and surprise me.

Staley 'reading' her new library books.

Staley at 2 is so much fun!!!  I love spending time with her, playing with her, watching how her mind works, and seeing her world grow.  I know she will be a great big sister, and I can't wait for her to have one more little person in her life to make her smile, feel her love, and want to play with her too.

Staley at 2.

Three cheers for turning 2!!

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