Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday, with the prediction of snow and ice and treacherous roads, I decided that driving my 8 months pregnant self and my 2 year old daughter to Peoria for the day might not be the smartest decision.  So I called in to work, and Staley and I cozied up at home for a snow day.  When Zach came home early with the insider information that the snow was perfect for packing, we decided to bundle up for a little family fun in the snow.

Staley helping Daddy with the snowman.
Staley took her 'job' of adding snow, rocks,and sticks to the snowman very seriously.

Staley's first snowman.

Staley added a 'belly button' to her snowman.
Unfortunately, due to the desire not to offend neighbors, the 'belly button' was later removed.
Snow angels.
(Staley's snow angel making was very short-lived.)

And the highlight???

Sledding in the backyard.

I am not a fan of winter.  I can generally do without cold and snow and ice and being stuck inside for months on end.  I've often said that I'd be fine if we skipped right on over winter and headed straight from fall to spring.  But watching the joy on Staley's face as she enjoyed her fun in the snow made me rethink my stance.  I still don't like winter, but I'll put in a request for a few perfect snowy days each year, just for the daughter that I love.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

And So It Begins...

Staley has been sleeping in her big girl bed for a full week now, and it has been going great.  She loves her bed!  And although she seems to roll around to every inch of her full size bed while she sleeps (yes, I've had to move her up in bed twice to keep her from rolling off the end), I otherwise have no complaints.  She can climb in and out of bed easily, but has been staying in bed for naps and night-time sleep, calling for us when she wakes up or needs something.  I knew there would come a day when Staley determined that there was no need for her to stay put in bed when she could so easily get out.  I was just hoping that moment would come later rather than sooner.  One week into big girl bed-ness is much sooner than I had hoped.

Staley wasn't in the mood for napping today.  Zach put her down for her nap, and I listened to her happily talking and singing through the monitor.  About 10 minutes into naptime, I heard Staley say, "I get back in bed."  I went upstairs to check on her, and she was in bed.  She told me, "I got back into my bed."  I reminded her that she needed to STAY in her bed during naptime.  After about 15 minutes more minutes of talking and singing, I heard Staley say, "I will read my books."  I again went to check on her, and found her out of bed with books pulled off of her bookshelf.  When she saw me, she happily ran toward me with a big, proud smile on her face.  I sternly told her that she was NOT to get out of bed during naptime.  My heart broke as her eyes filled with tears and she obediently crawled back up into her bed.  Her tears didn't last long, and again the talking and singing resumed.  I resigned myself to the fact that she was not going to nap today, but I needed about 30 more minutes of 'naptime' to get a few things done.  During this time, I heard Staley begin talking about her pillow pet (which is across the room from her bed.)  After a little over an hour with no nap in sight, I went up to tell Staley that nap time was over.  She was happily lying in bed...with her pillow pet by her side.

Staley loves her big girl bed.  Peanut needs a crib.  The transition had to occur.  Night-time sleep isn't an issue, but napping has not always been Staley's strong suit...and I don't think this is going to help.

Friday, February 22, 2013

More and More Friends

Just as I sink into my worries about parenting 2 kids, I realize more and more that Staley NEEDS a sibling.  As mentioned in a previous post, Staley has been enjoying the company of some imaginary friends over the past few months.  It started with the pink friend, blue friend, and green friend.  Then her circle of friends grew to include every color in the rainbow.  Recently she has added to her brood with her Mother Goose Club characters.  (Mother Goose Club is a young kids nursery rhyme show with a cast of 6 characters who sing, dance, and rhyme.)  Jack (as in Jack Be Nimble) and Mary (as in Mary, Mary Quite Contrary) hang around with us the most, particularly Jack.

The other day, I was taking Staley swimming at a local indoor pool.  Before leaving the house, she had asked to bring all her bears with her.  I told her she could bring one, but it would have to stay in the car when we went swimming.  As we were driving over to Washington, we had this conversation:
Staley:  "Can my friends come swimming with me?"
Me:  "Which friends?"
Staley:  "My blue friend."
Me:  "Sure."
Staley:  "And my green friend?"
Me:  "Sure.  All your friends can join us?"
Staley:  "All of them?"  (Incredulously)
Me:  "Of course.  I bet all your friends would love to swim with you."
In Staley's eyes, I guess that seems pretty unpredictable.  Only one bear that has to stay in the car, but ALL her imaginary friends are welcome to join in the swimming fun. 

We have also begun using Staley's 'friends' to assist with being quiet at nap time.  On days where Staley just wants to talk and sing during nap time, we will remind her that her Mother Goose Club characters are already asleep and she needs to be quiet just like them.  So far, it seems to help.

Unfortunately, sometimes I feel a little left out when Staley is playing with her imaginary friends.  The other day, Staley wanted to play her princess Memory game.  We went in her playroom and I asked her if she wanted me to play it with her.  She responded, "No.  I will just play with Jack." Or I will offer to read her a book that she is looking at and she will tell me, "Jack will read it to me."  Is it wrong to be jealous of my daughter's imaginary friends??

So although I do continue to have some apprehensions about disrupting our current family balance, I know that Staley will LOVE having a sibling.  And I may feel less slighted when Staley is choosing her sibling over me...rather than losing the battle for play time with an imaginary character in a silly costume.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Less than 5 weeks until Peanut's arrival and I'll admit...I'm worried.  Not about the c-section or the hospital stay.  Not about taking care of a newborn or recovering from a surgery.  And only a little of the nervousness is not being sure that everything I want done will be done in time.

I'm worried because I don't know how to divide my time, my energy, my patience between two kids.  I don't want Staley to feel neglected, but I also want to take time to bond with Peanut.  I don't want Staley to miss out on going to do fun things or spending time with friends, but I also don't want to disregard Peanut's need for peace and quiet and a predictable routine.  I want to spend lots of quality time doing all the things I love to do with Staley, but I don't want to neglect Peanut.  And honestly, will I be able to love two children as fiercely as I do one?

I'm worried that Peanut won't be a good sleeper.  I'm worried that Peanut won't be a good eater or will be really fussy or will be born with any number of medical or genetic problems that I'm not prepared for.  I'm worried that, with my divided attention, I won't be as vigilant about the safety of my children and something might happen.  I'm worried that I will feel exhausted and stretched and haggard and worn, taking away from experiencing the joy in all the little moments that I cherish so much. 

I know that I will love my children as much as humanly possible.  I know that they will love each other.  I know that there is nothing better than growing up with siblings as friends.  I know that I have an amazing support system who will help me when I need it.  I know that millions of people parent 2, 3, 4...even 19 kids on a daily basis.  And that eases my mind a little.  But I'm still worried.  I guess my worry all boils down to one simple fear...I'm scared that I won't be the mom I want to be.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Great Big Bed

This week-end, Zach (with the help of our dads) took another step in preparing for Peanut's arrival.  He and my dad painted the nursery and moved furniture from Staley's room into the nursery.  Then his dad joined in the fun on Sunday for assembling Staley's new furniture.  While this work was being accomplished, Staley and I got out of the way by spending all day Saturday with cousin Liam (and family), Saturday night at my parent's house, and most of the day Sunday with my parents.

Fun times with cousin Liam

Bedtime stories with Grandpa

Staley knew that we were away from home so that Daddy could get her big girl room ready.  Staley talked all week-end about how Peanut will sleep in her crib and she will sleep in a "great big bed."  We walked into the house on Sunday afternoon and, as soon as Staley saw Zach, she asked, "Is my bed ready yet?"  And oh, the excitement!!!  Staley laid on her great big bed and jumped on her great big bed and played on her great big bed and talked about her great big bed.  When we were all on her bed reading bedtime books before sleep, Staley couldn't stop giggling.  She went right to sleep and slept all night long in her great big bed.  And, despite some fear on my part, Staley is peacefully napping on her great big bed as I type this.  So far, the transition to her great big bed has been exciting for Staley...and successful for all!

Staley and her great big bed.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Princess Staley

Staley LOVES the Disney princesses.  She has a princess castle and princess figures that she loves to play with.  She has princess books and a princess sing-a-long DVD that are always top choices.  And when we do dancing time before nap and bedtime, she generally chooses princess songs.  Although she has yet to see any of the princess movies, we do watch some of the song clips on Youtube and it's not uncommon to hear Staley singing princess songs around the house.  One of her favorite song clips is when Jasmine and Aladdin fly on the magic carpet while singing "A Whole New World."

The other day, Staley was playing in the kitchen while I was doing some dishes.  She took a paper towel, sat down on it, and told me, "I'm on my magic carpet.  But I'm not really in the sky.  I'm just pretending."

Phew!  Once that had been clarified, I could sit back and enjoy watching my little princess fly away on her magic carpet.

My little princess

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Like You!

This morning, Staley was sitting on her potty seat and I was reading her some books.  All of a sudden, Staley reached out, patted my hand, and sweetly said, "I like you, Mommy."  Then, without missing a beat, she reached out, patted the toilet paper roll, and said, "I like toilet paper too."


Happy 25 Months

Staley turned 2 exactly one month ago.  We got her a train table for her birthday, but since her birthday was right after Christmas AND she also got lots of new fun toys for her birthday, we didn't give her the train table right away.  So yesterday, Zach put together her train table and we surprised Staley with it after her nap.  She was SO excited!!!

Love at first sight.

A little quality time with Molly (the train.)
All aboard for some train table fun!!!
I loved being able to brighten yet another cold, dreary, rainy, windy February day with an extended birthday celebration.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Sister in Training

Our whole family is actively preparing for the arrival of Peanut.  (Just 6 more weeks!!)  I am nesting and organizing and making lists of things that need to be done.  Zach is working on house projects.  And Staley is practicing the skills she will need to be a big sister.

Reading books to an active listener,

helping with diaper changes,

getting ready in case it's quadruplets,

and helping with feeding time.

I have no doubt that Staley is going to be a great big sister!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hard Concepts

Staley loves playing with magnets.  One of her new games is to go around the house, trying to find which surfaces the magnets will stick to.  We have taught her that magnets stick to metal, so if the magnet sticks, she'll always tell us about it.  "Mommy, the door is metal."  "Daddy, the dishwasher is metal."  If it doesn't stick, she usually deduces that it's wood.

Last night in the bathtub, Staley was playing with her foam bath letters.  She stuck a foam letter to the bathtub wall and with a big smile of discovery she said, "Mommy, look!  It's metal!!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taking Advantage

Staley got sick yesterday afternoon.  She awoke from her nap with a fever, very lethargic and clingy.  By evening, she had vomited once and all she wanted to do was cuddle on my lap and watch Dora.  So that's what we did.  I was able to coax some water, crackers, and applesauce into her for 'dinner' during our cuddle-on-the-couch-and-watch-Dora time together. 

This morning, Staley awoke with her fever, but much perkier and happier than yesterday.  As she was still in her crib, I asked Staley, "How are you feeling?  Do you feel better?"  She responded with, "I'm still sick.  I will watch a movie and eat a snack on the couch.  I do not eat in my high chair."  Since according to Staley and the thermometer, she was still sick, we did start the day off with a princess sing-a-long video and some breakfast on the couch.  There's really nothing good about being sick...except maybe watching more TV and getting to eat on the couch, so might as well take advantage when you can.

Monday, February 4, 2013


We have another first to add to Staley's ever-growing list...her first visit to the dentist.  And like so many other firsts for Staley, it was a success.  There were a few initial tears when the hygienist wanted Staley to lie down for some tooth examination, but my compliant little girl continued to say 'ahhhh' when asked, even through her tears.  But as soon as she was allowed to sit up again, the tears subsided and Staley was fine.  She opened up for the hygienist and the dentist, allowed brushing, flossing, fluoride, and examination, and left the dentist with a new Diego toothbrush, a ball, a princess wand, and a big smile.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Lesson in Etiquette

On Thursday I was in the elevator at work with another employee at the hospital.  She is someone that I pass occasionally in the halls and recognize by sight, but don't really know.

Looking at me, down at my belly, and back up at me she said, "You're still working?"
I responded, "Yup.  And probably for another 2 months."
Looking at me, "REALLY?"  Down at my belly, "WOW!"  Back up at me, "REALLY??"

Lesson in etiquette:  That kind of incredulous commentary is not really helpful.  Maybe come up with something else to say.  Or don't say anything at all.  Just the opinion of one pregnant individual who feels bigger by the day...but still has about 2 months to go.