Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, February 22, 2013

More and More Friends

Just as I sink into my worries about parenting 2 kids, I realize more and more that Staley NEEDS a sibling.  As mentioned in a previous post, Staley has been enjoying the company of some imaginary friends over the past few months.  It started with the pink friend, blue friend, and green friend.  Then her circle of friends grew to include every color in the rainbow.  Recently she has added to her brood with her Mother Goose Club characters.  (Mother Goose Club is a young kids nursery rhyme show with a cast of 6 characters who sing, dance, and rhyme.)  Jack (as in Jack Be Nimble) and Mary (as in Mary, Mary Quite Contrary) hang around with us the most, particularly Jack.

The other day, I was taking Staley swimming at a local indoor pool.  Before leaving the house, she had asked to bring all her bears with her.  I told her she could bring one, but it would have to stay in the car when we went swimming.  As we were driving over to Washington, we had this conversation:
Staley:  "Can my friends come swimming with me?"
Me:  "Which friends?"
Staley:  "My blue friend."
Me:  "Sure."
Staley:  "And my green friend?"
Me:  "Sure.  All your friends can join us?"
Staley:  "All of them?"  (Incredulously)
Me:  "Of course.  I bet all your friends would love to swim with you."
In Staley's eyes, I guess that seems pretty unpredictable.  Only one bear that has to stay in the car, but ALL her imaginary friends are welcome to join in the swimming fun. 

We have also begun using Staley's 'friends' to assist with being quiet at nap time.  On days where Staley just wants to talk and sing during nap time, we will remind her that her Mother Goose Club characters are already asleep and she needs to be quiet just like them.  So far, it seems to help.

Unfortunately, sometimes I feel a little left out when Staley is playing with her imaginary friends.  The other day, Staley wanted to play her princess Memory game.  We went in her playroom and I asked her if she wanted me to play it with her.  She responded, "No.  I will just play with Jack." Or I will offer to read her a book that she is looking at and she will tell me, "Jack will read it to me."  Is it wrong to be jealous of my daughter's imaginary friends??

So although I do continue to have some apprehensions about disrupting our current family balance, I know that Staley will LOVE having a sibling.  And I may feel less slighted when Staley is choosing her sibling over me...rather than losing the battle for play time with an imaginary character in a silly costume.

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