Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday, with the prediction of snow and ice and treacherous roads, I decided that driving my 8 months pregnant self and my 2 year old daughter to Peoria for the day might not be the smartest decision.  So I called in to work, and Staley and I cozied up at home for a snow day.  When Zach came home early with the insider information that the snow was perfect for packing, we decided to bundle up for a little family fun in the snow.

Staley helping Daddy with the snowman.
Staley took her 'job' of adding snow, rocks,and sticks to the snowman very seriously.

Staley's first snowman.

Staley added a 'belly button' to her snowman.
Unfortunately, due to the desire not to offend neighbors, the 'belly button' was later removed.
Snow angels.
(Staley's snow angel making was very short-lived.)

And the highlight???

Sledding in the backyard.

I am not a fan of winter.  I can generally do without cold and snow and ice and being stuck inside for months on end.  I've often said that I'd be fine if we skipped right on over winter and headed straight from fall to spring.  But watching the joy on Staley's face as she enjoyed her fun in the snow made me rethink my stance.  I still don't like winter, but I'll put in a request for a few perfect snowy days each year, just for the daughter that I love.

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