Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, March 29, 2013

Big Sister Staley

First off, I want to formally blog-thank my husband for the touching post he wrote last night (and apologize for giving him a hard time for staying up late to 'mess around' on the computer.)  I'm a lucky, lucky woman!!

There were many things that I was prepared for about having Adelie.  I knew what to expect with a c-section.  I knew that the tears would flow freely when the doctor told me that my new baby had arrived and I heard that first little cry.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to get enough of holding and snuggling and smelling and loving my new baby.  What I didn't expect was the joy I would find watching Staley light up around her baby sister...and I know it's only a matter of time before that feeling is mutual.

Staley stayed with her Uma and Papa (Zach's parents) while we were at the hospital.  Zach talked to her on the phone on Monday night while I was in the recovery room.  He told her the news over the phone and she started excitedly proclaiming, "I have a sister!  I have a sister!"

Living it up at Uma and Papa's
Staley came to officially meet her baby sister the following afternoon.  She was so gentle and loving, holding and hugging and tickling Adelie.  Impressively, Adelie had put together a 'big sister' gift package to give to Staley at the hospital that included a tiara.  Staley LOVED her tiara, but it would poke Adelie each time Staley bent down to hug her.  My mom took the tiara off Staley's head and said, "Your tiara is poking Adelie.  You can put it back on when you're done holding her."  Immediately, Staley pushed Adelie towards Zach and said, "I'm done.  Can I wear my tiara now?"  So baby sister is good, but can't yet compete with sparkly tiara.
Staley holding Adelie for the first time.
After leaving the hospital, Zach's parents took Staley out to dinner.  Apparently she was so excited about Adelie that she was singing at the top of her lungs and was going booth to booth to tell the other patrons about her new baby sister.  Ah, my little introvert. 
Since arriving home, Staley has loved being a 'helper' with Adelie.  She likes to hold her (for very short periods of time), tickle her, help change her diaper, cover her with a blanket, and share her toys.  Yesterday we took Adelie for her follow-up with the pediatrician.  On the way home, Adelie began fussing in the backseat.  Staley told her, "It's okay.  It's okay."  Then she requested one of her songs that she thought Adelie would like to hear and held out her yellow bear (her very favorite stuffed animal) to give to Adelie.  So sweet!  And tonight, Staley couldn't stop giggling as she got to help with Adelie's bath.
Staley thought Adelie needed a bear and a blanket for her nap today.

Bath time helper

Although I think Staley is a little disappointed by how much Adelie sleeps and how little she does, she is nonetheless enamored of her little sister (who she still regularly calls Peanut.)  I know the novelty will wear off.  I know there will be times that they don't get along.  I know that growing up with a sibling isn't all hugs and tickles.  But I hope that the excitement and love remains and that Staley never gets tired of exclaiming, "I have a sister!  I have a sister!"

I have a sister...and a tiara and a princess dress.
Really, who could ask for more??

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