Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The countdown is on.  Less than 3 weeks until Peanut is scheduled to arrive.  Am I ready? 

Physically-YES!  I'm big and uncomfortable and tired and contracting.  I have a hard time bending over, I get weird leg pains, and I rarely can go more than 30 minutes during the day without a bathroom break.  And based on the Peanut's continued pushing and rolling around, I'm guessing he/she is ready for a little more room as well.

Logistically-Getting there.  Peanut's nursery is pretty much done, I washed all the newborn and 0-3 month gender neutral clothes, and Zach brought up the baby equipment (carseat, swing, bouncy) from the basement and I've started to clean that up.  Am I packed?  No.  Do we have a definitive girl's name?  Not yet.  Have I made the freezer meals I've intended to?  It's still on the agenda.  But we're getting there.

Emotionally/Mentally-I think so.  I'm so excited to meet this new little person.  I can't wait to hold my baby, to see who has been sharing my personal space all these months.  I am anticipating the day that Staley finally gets to meet her new sibling, who will hopefully one day be a best friend.  I know there will be new struggles and moments that I feel overwhelmed, but the fear is fleeting and the excitement is taking over.

So ready or not, Peanut will be here soon.

Staley in her carseat at 1 month

Same girl, same carseat...2 years later.

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