Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Blessings

Staley has now taken over helping say her bedtime prayers at night.  Her prayer always starts the same:  "Dear Jesus.  Thank you for today.  Thank you for the blessings."

I love hearing Staley's sweet little voice as she says her bedtime prayers.  And even though she may not quite understand what "the blessings" are, I certainly do.  My life is full of them.

I am thankful for Staley.  For the little girl she is and the person she is going to become.  For the time we have to spend together, for the sweet moments that make my day, for her personality, for getting to be her mom.

I am thankful for Peanut.  For the miracle of life.  For the chance to parent another child.  For Peanut's health.  For the fact that Peanut is now full term.

I am thankful for Zach.  For marrying my best friend.  For his thoughtful, caring nature that makes him a wonderful father and husband.  For the way I know I can always count on him to take care of us, no matter the circumstances.

I am thankful for our families.  For the way they are always there for us.  For the fact that they are the people we look forward to spending time with.  For knowing that we are consistently surrounded with love and support.

I am thankful for our friends, our jobs, our home.  For our health and our safety.  For the opportunities we have, the time we share, and the special moments that make up our days. 

Hearing Staley start her prayer each night thanking Jesus for the blessings is a good reminder to me.  Sometimes I have lots of requests and concerns and needs that occupy my prayers, but I need to remember to start by thanking God for the blessings.  The many, many blessings in my life.

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