Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday: Real Life Edition

Today is Zach's 35th birthday.

I would love for him to have beautiful spring day to enjoy a morning run, ride his motorcycle to work, and go for a family walk after dinner.
In reality, it's cold and rainy...and probably will be for days.

I would love for Zach to come home to a piping hot, home-cooked meal of his choice on the table.
In reality, I'll probably be pulling a pre-prepared meal from the freezer to heat up and opening up a can of fruit and some freezer veggies when he gets home from work.

I would love to coordinate a surprise birthday party for Zach with all his friends and family there to wish him well.
In reality, coordinating a simple trip to the grocery store is difficult for me at this point.

I would love to give Zach a big, extravagent gift that will surprise and amaze him.
In reality, he'll be getting a budget-conscious and practical gift like running socks and a new work belt.

I would love to plan a date night to take Zach out for a nice steak dinner and go see a movie of his choice.
In reality, we'll probably spend an hour together watching TV on the couch while I feed a baby.

I would love to promise Zach a nice, restful night of sleep.
In reality, he'll probably be pulling 3 a.m. diaper duty and awakening to a 2 year old 7:00 wake-up call.

I would love to promise Zach a lifetime of support and love in our marriage partnership, two little girls who think he hung the moon, and a home full of love and laughter.
In reality, that's exactly what he'll get.  It's not exciting.  It's not extravagent.  But it's our reality.  And our reality is good!

Happy Birthday, Zach!!

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