Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Potty Training

It's day 5 and it's official...I don't like potty training.  Why?

1.  It's confining.  I feel like going too far from home is setting Staley up for failure.  So we're stuck at home, moving the potty seat from room to room (even outside) so that it's never too far.
2.  It's time consuming.  The time spent sitting on the potty, changing clothes, cleaning up accidents, and celebrating victories really takes up a good portion of our day.
3.  It requires concentration.  I feel like I have to be on alert all the time.  I'm constantly watching the clock, monitoring fluid intake, and assessing Staley's facial expressions and body positions to make sure I don't miss a cue.  Is that an 'I-have-to-pee' face?  Is that a pooping squat?  It's exhausting.
4.  It's frustrating.  One time Staley will tell me she has to go and we can make it to the potty with great success.  I think she's got it.  The next time she can sit for 5 minutes without going, stand up, and we're cleaning up a puddle on the floor one minute later. Frustrating!

All things considered, Staley is doing pretty well.  She is starting to intermittently let us know when she needs to go with enough time to get the potty.  She doesn't resist sitting and trying.  She is so proud of her successes and enjoys wearing her big girl underpants.  She generally has more successes than failures in a day.  And although I don't like the process, the end result will be so nice.  I just hope we get there soon!!

When it comes to potty training, you can never be too careful.


  1. I do love this picture!!!!!! She is doing great.

  2. We used the extra thick padded training underwear and that helped with some of the clean up. And she just turned 2 right?? She's doing great! I carried spare underwear, a small towel, and a bag in my purse for a loooong time just in case. Can't be too safe! But I never thought potty training would require a helmet.