Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Private Conversations

With a breastfeeding mother and a curious toddler in the house, I was prepared for questions.  We discussed how babies can only drink 'mommy milk' and that mommy milk comes from 'boo boos.'  Staley watches Adelie eat and seems to understand the process.  However, from this watching, some new conversations have emerged.

The other day, Staley was watching Adelie eat and asked if she could touch my boo boos.  I told her that boo boos are private parts and we don't touch other people's boo boos.  Then we discussed what our other private parts are and how we don't touch other people's private parts or let other people touch our private parts.  Staley took an extreme interest in this conversation.  Now, before she touches any part of me, she asks whether or not it's a private part.  "Is your hair a private part?"  "Is your knee a private part?"  "Is your foot a private part?"

With her growing interest in this topic of conversation, today Staley asked me if she has boo boos.  I explained that she will have boo boos when she is a mommy.  (Because if she takes after her mother, that's about the only time she'll have them.)  She corrected me and said, "When I grow up, I will be a daddy."  I explained that girls are mommys and boys are daddys.  I asked her if she is a boy or a girl.  She responded with, "A girl.  But when I grow up, I will be a boy."

There are things I expect to tell Staley 'no' about in a given day.  'No, you can't watch another show.'  'No, you can't have another package of fruit snacks.'  'No, you can't Zoodle right now.'  I don't expect to say, 'No, my knee is not a private part' or 'No, you can't be a boy when you grow up.'  Life with a toddler remains full of surprises...every single day.

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