Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, May 10, 2013

She Says...

This morning, Staley and I were playing 'train' in her room.  This is one of her favorite games, where she sits in an empty laundry basket and then I have each of her stuffed animals ask if they can join her.  They always can, so the 'train' becomes filled with Staley and all her animals.  Staley has 2 stuffed lions, one big and one small.  When they asked to board the train, Staley said, "That's the daddy lion and the baby lion."  I asked, "Where's the mommy lion?"  Staley answered, "In Africa."

Last night, Staley was 'writing' on a piece of paper with her crayon while I was getting dinner ready in the kitchen.  All of a sudden, I heard Staley say, "M, O, M, E."  I asked, "Staley, what did you just spell?"  She replied, "You."

Zach is taking our nephew, Cade, for an overnight trip to Chicago tonight.  Last night as he was saying good-night to Staley, he told her, "I won't see you tomorrow because I'm going to be in Chicago with Cade."  Staley responded with, "Are you going to the aquarium with Uncle Ethan?"  Since going to the aquarium and visiting Uncle Ethan are two highlights of our visits to Chicago, it only makes sense that a trip to Chicago would need to include both.

Yesterday we stopped to visit my mom at the school where she works.  When we got out of the van, Staley could hear the band practicing inside the school building.  She said, "Hurry.  The parade is starting." 

Staley got to spend the morning at her baby-sitters with her friends yesterday morning while I ran errands.  While there, she completed a Mother's Day project for me where Miss Megan asked her questions about me and Staley answered.  Here is a sampling of her answers:
1.  I like to go with my Mommy to..."the museum."
2.  My favorite thing Mommy makes me is..."chicken nuggets."
3.  I love Mommy because..."she goes outside and plays in the rain."
and my favorite...
4.  My Mommy is the best at..."laundry."
I may not be the best at playing or reading books or kissing away hurts or giving hugs, but apparently no one can compete with me when it comes to laundry.  So at least I've got that going for me.

I may be the best at laundry, but Staley is the best at making me smile with all the amusing things she says and does.

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