Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Halfway There

It's been a month since we started potty training.  It took Staley exactly one week to figure out the peeing in the potty trick.  Since then, she has done great.   I still make her try on regular basis because when she tells me she needs to go, she REALLY needs to go.  Unfortunately, pooping on the potty hasn't come quite so easily.  She generally knows when she needs to go, and we've had our fair share of successes.  She rarely has a pooping accident in her underpants.  However, Staley has decided that she prefers to poop in a diaper rather than in the potty.  The result of this revelation: she holds it until nap time and then regularly poops in her nap time pull-up.  Not only is this interfering with Staley's potty success, it also seems to be interfering with her nap.  My inconsistent napper had been napping regularly for the past several months, but has only slept during nap time once or twice over the past several weeks.  (And judging by her evening behaviors and tears, she does still need a nap.)

I'm at a loss for how to remedy this pooping situation.  We are using a sticker chart, and Staley picks out rewards she is working for.  She gets a sticker for pooping in the potty AND for a clean nap time pull-up.  I have her sit and try right before nap time.  We consistently remind her that if she needs to go potty during nap time, she just needs to tell us because we can hear her through the monitor.  (She definitely understands this concept as she has no problem telling us through the monitor when she wants a drink, a hug, a kiss, a blanket back on, or when she is awake.)  To look on the bright side, at least I know she has bowel control, and better in her diaper than her underpants.  However, I'd prefer potty use.  So if anyone has any suggestions...

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