Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, June 17, 2013

Laughter is the Best Gift

Zach had a good Father's Day.  A beautiful day filled with church, lunch with family, a haircut, playing at the park, a nice family walk...  (He also mowed, but I don't know if that counts in the 'good Father's Day' category.)  He liked his desk organizer with a picture of the girls on it that I got him.  He loved his Father's Day painting that Staley made him.  (She would only paint in blue and orange, knowing that those are Zach's favorite colors.)  But his best Father's Day gift came from Adelie.  She gave him her first official laugh!! 

Every evening after Staley goes to bed, Zach and Adelie have some quality time together listening to music.  Adelie LOVES music and since evening music time is usually with Zach, her musical tastes are beginning to reflect those of her father.  Well, last night during music time, Adelie and Zach were interacting (talking, smiling, singing), and she laughed at him.  Three distinct laughs.  Zach was so pleased that he was the recipient of Adelie's first laugh.  What a great Father's Day gift!!

Official winner of Best Father's Day Gift 2013

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