Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three Months

Adelie celebrated her three month birthday yesterday here in Pentwater on our family vacation.  She is my growing, changing, smiling, laughing, mellow, sweet baby girl.  She weighs over 12 lbs and wears her size 2 diapers.  She is out-growing her 0-3 month wardrobe, especially in length.  She eats 6-7 times/day, takes 2-3 naps, and sleeps for 6-9 hours at a time at night. 

Likes:  Adelie is a happy infant.  She loves to interact with others, always smiling and laughing when people talk to her.  Going for walks, being outside, baths, diaper changes, dancing, and music remain favorite activities. She enjoys watching her mobile and ceiling fans.  Adelie loves her play mats.  Her favorite book is 'Baby Talk'.  And she loves her big sister!!

Big sister + play mat = awesome!
Dislikes:  Adelie's dislikes remain being hungry, tired, and cold.  Other than that, she doesn't usually complain.

Skills:  Adelie's skill repertoire is growing exponentially.  She has good head control now, both when upright and on her tummy.  She can roll from her stomach to her back inconsistently and rolled from her back almost onto her stomach on one occasion.  She loves to stand up when held.  Adelie is starting to reach out and grab objects.  She will hold onto objects for short periods of time, although still sometimes hits herself in the head or face with her rattles.  She loves to suck on her hands, and is beginning to get her thumb into her mouth.  She still has a smile that lights up the room and a laugh that fills my heart.

My 3 month old

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