Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, July 29, 2013


From her infancy, Staley has always loved being around other people.  Her social tendencies have carried over as she's grown.  Nothing pleases Staley more than meeting new people and playing with friends.  She has a very sweet and giving personality.  She is great about sharing her toys, never hesitating to include others in her play.  One of Staley's traits that warms my heart is her complimentary nature.

Staley readily gives compliments to those around her.  She is always telling me that she likes an article of clothing or my shoes or my hair.  When we play beauty shop, Staley is quick to praise me for sitting still while she does my hair.  "You're doing a great job, Mommy."  When I go to the bathroom, she often gives me an enthusiastic "I knew you could do it."  But her compliments do not end with me.  She is quick with a compliment to other family members, friends, neighbors, and even kids that she meets on the playground or in the doctor's office waiting room.  Always sincere, it makes me smile to see her building others up.

Recently, however, some of her compliments have made me laugh.  The other day at breakfast, Staley looked over at me and very seriously exclaimed, "I really like your bagel, Mommy."  And while watching me use the bathroom the other day, Staley sincerely told me, "You are really good at wiping." 

It's great that Staley is so positive, and nothing makes me feel better than a sincere compliment.  I just don't know that my breakfast foods or my wiping skills are what I really want my daughter to admire most about me.

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