Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Four Months

Adelie is 4 months old.  No longer a little newborn, my baby is smiling and laughing and rolling and grabbing.  She's weighing over 14 lbs now, and is still long, long, long.  She wears size 2 diapers, her 3-6 month wardrobe, and her 6-9 month pajamas.  She eats 6-7 times/day, takes 2-3 naps, and sleeps 5-8 hours at night.  She has successfully transitioned to spending time at the baby-sitters while I work.  She charms everyone she meets with her huge, gummy smiles.

My smiley girl
Likes:  Adelie is still my happy, contented, go-with-the-flow baby.  She loves being outside, spending time with people, going for walks, taking baths, chewing on her hands, playing with her feet, and pulling my hair.  She LOVES her big sister, smiling and laughing anytime Staley talks to her and diligently watching Staley whenever they are in the same room.  Adelie enjoys reading books, with 'Baby Talk' remaining her favorite.  She also likes 'That's Not My Teddy' and 'That's Not My Dragon.'  Her play mats are always entertaining, and she now enjoys activating her spinning alphabet ball and her sea creature musical toy.  Holding and eating rattles is a great way to pass the time, and watching ceiling fans and her mobile are still super-fun activities.  Adelie enjoys nightly music time with Zach, rocking out to everything from Slash to Johnny Cash. 

Standing up is fun stuff!

Dislikes:  Adelie generally only cries when she is hungry, tired, or cold...and sometimes when she is bored or feeling lonely.

Skills:  Adelie is on the move.  She rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back consistently.  She has good head control, and can prop sit for a few seconds at a time.  She still loves to stand up when she's held.  She reaches for toys and grabs anything she can get her hands on.  She is always putting her hands, fingers, or thumb in her mouth.  Adelie loves to activate her simple cause and effect toys.  She never stops kicking, and rolls and scoots herself all over her blanket.   Adelie is very vocal now, making a variety of squeals, coos, laughs, and grunts.  She generally has a lot to say.  Her new, cute skill is blowing raspberries.  She has also become quite proficient in the art of spitting up and drooling.

Rattles are fun...but keeping the feet close by as another great play option.

Adelie remains my smiley, happy, cuddly, adorable, wonderful baby.  She brings such joy to our lives.  What a glorious 4 months it has been!!

Adelie at 4 months.

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