Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Cousin, My Friend

Staley and her cousin, Liam, were born on the same day.  Birthday twins!!  Staley loves all her cousins and all her friends, but she and Liam have a special bond.  Of all the kids Staley plays with right now, she and Liam play the best together.  Not just side-by-side playing, but actually playing together. They share toys, mimic one another, chase each other around, hold hands, and have inside jokes that always make them laugh.  Their favorite joke:

Staley:  "Liam, what does Animal [from the Muppets] say?"
Liam:  "Rar-rar-rar...drum!"
Cue Staley laughing hysterically.

I love watching Staley and Liam play together.  Since Liam's mom also works part-time, we try to make time to get the cousins together to play on a regular basis.  With my maternity leave and the nice weather, this summer has given us lots of fun opportunities to spend time with Liam and Aunt Melissa.

Feeding ducks at the Farm Park

Riding horses at the Farm Park
Playing at our house
Water table fun
Running in the Kids Run for Fun race

Water play at a splash park
I hope that Staley and Liam continue to hold onto this friendship as they grow up.  There is nothing better than having a best friend.  And having a best friend who is also your family...well, nothing can compete with that!!

Cousins make the best friends!!

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  1. They truly are the best of friends! Love this post!