Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, July 22, 2013

Things I Love: Summer Edition

1.  No school...which means playtime with school-age cousins, visits from my teacher friends, hanging out with Elliott and Uncle Erik, and a special day with Grammie one day/week.

Cousin play date with the Bradford cousins

Visiting with Avery (my friend Christie's little one)

*We've gone to the zoo twice with Elliott and Uncle Erik, and played over at Elliott's house once.  Shockingly, I have no photos.  If I did, I'd put one here. 

2.  Corn on the cob fresh from the field
3.  Lots of options for fun, outdoor activities

Feeding the giraffe at the zoo

Family Fun Day at the local nursing home

Playground fun

Running in the Kids Run for Fun race

Farm Park fun with Aunt Melissa and Liam
4.  Swimming

Staley and cousin Olivia

5.  Shorts, flip-flops, sundresses, and oh-so-cute little girl summer outfits

Looking cute in summer chic with cousin Liam
6.  Fresh fruit
7.  My new, super-awesome double stroller

Riding in luxery

8.  An easily amused 2-year old who can enjoy summer fun no matter where we are.

A favorite activity:  Playing on the colored 'dots' outside the local grade school.

Staley diligently working in her 'garden' of sticks and rocks

Riding her horse is a go-to activity when it's too hot or rainy outside.

9.  An infant who can go with the flow

Adelie enjoys many of our summer outings... this.

10.  Spending lazy summer days with my two girls!!

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  1. I have to say, some of those photos of Adelie remind me so much of baby Zachary!!! Great pictures- I have the cutest nieces EVER!