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Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, August 26, 2013

Girl's Week-end

Kids change things.  It's a fact.  When kids enter the equation of life, priorities shift.  Our time, our efforts, our focus centers around them, not us.  And when this happens, we have to decide what from our pre-kid lives is important to hang onto and what can be let go.  Weekly movie night, happy hour, motorcycle trips, marathon training, concerts, poker nights, exotic vacations.  Some things just have be pushed aside to allow the time and energy required to create a healthy family.

Unfortunately, time with friends is one of those things that becomes harder and harder to maintain.  As life changes, our friendships often shift.  We hang out more with the friends who have kids the same age as our kids, whose paths in life mirror our own.  Friendships of convenience (neighborhood friends, local friends, playgroup friends) emerge, and friendships become more about play dates and less about chick flicks and margaritas.  And while there is nothing wrong with enjoying the company of someone who is walking in your shoes, there is a sadness when we drift away from friends that were once a big part of our lives.

There is something comforting in our old friends.  Friends who knew who we were before we became who we are.  Friends who walked beside us through major milestones in our lives.  Friends who have seen us through bad boyfriends, bad haircuts, and bad choices...and who can laugh with us about those now.  Friends who love us for who we were and who we are.  And that is why I cherish my annual Girl's Week-end.

Girl's Week-end is when my college friends and I make time in our busy schedules to spend a week-end together.  And whether we are on a cruise ship or at the Eureka Sesquicentennial, in Vegas or St. Louis, dancing at a club or sipping wine, wearing pajamas or 80's prom matter where we are or what we are doing, we are together.  We are catching up.  We are reminiscing.  We are laughing.  We are sharing our lives.  And we are having a great time doing it.

I so look forward to Girl's Week-end every year.  My friends and I met at college when we all ran cross country and track together.  We trained together.  We traveled together.  We lived together.  And now we have husbands and kids and careers and homes.  Our week-ends together have evolved over time.  We travel less, dance less, and go to bed earlier.  But we still have a great time together.  And this past week-end was no exception.  Most of the group (we missed you Tara and Christie!!) came to Eureka (since I'm nursing and couldn't really leave for the week-end.)  We had a low-key week-end of eating out, shopping, catching up, and enjoying some live music and wine at a local winery.

I am so blessed by my friends.  We may not talk as much as we should.  We may not get together with each other often enough, even when we live close.  We may have busy lives.  But one week-end each year, it's all about us.  And even though we are older and our week-ends together are tamer, being together is still fun...and it still involves dancing.

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