Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She Says...

Over the week-end, I was talking to Staley before she went to bed one night.  I told her that the whole family would be home together the next day and we would have a family day.  Staley said, "We could go on a family walk."  I replied, "That's a great idea.  Or maybe we could go on a family run."  Staley responded with, "Or maybe a family skip."

Staley was looking at Adelie's newborn pictures that we had taken a week after she was born.  Staley asked, "Why is Adelie naked?"  I explained that babies look cute with no clothes on, so we took off her clothes for her pictures.  Staley didn't seem convinced.  She said, "Or maybe she was just getting ready for her bath."

Staley loves princesses.  She is very well-versed in all the Disney princesses, what songs they sing, and who their princes are.  She knows that Prince Eric goes with Ariel, Prince Philip goes with Aurora, and Prince Charming goes with Cinderella.  One day she asked what Snow White's prince's name was.  After a quick google search, we discovered that Snow White's prince doesn't have a name, so we asked her what she thought Snow White's prince should be named.  Her suggestion?  "Prince Jack."

This morning, Zach was explaining to Staley what a bank is and what a bank does.  Staley said, "When I went to the bank, I saw a show."  Confused, Zach asked, "You saw a show at the bank?"  Staley, "Yes.  The girls were dancing on the stage."  Laughing, I responded, "That was at the Mother-Daughter banquet.  Not the bank."

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