Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Too Smart For Our Good

Staley has not been napping very consistently over the past two weeks.  (Not due to pooping.  Thankfully that's been going well.  Just another no-napping phase, I guess.)  On Friday, I was trying to convince my wide awake, talking, singing girl to quiet down and sleep.  I told her that if she didn't nap, she might be too tired to go to the Eureka Festival that evening.  After an hour of talking and singing, I got her up and later that evening, we did attend the festival.  So yesterday, Zach put Staley down for her nap and again, she wasn't sleeping.  Zach went into Staley's room to remind her that she needed to sleep.

Zach:  "Staley, I really want you to take a good nap today so that you won't be too tired to go to the Family Fun Day [which is what Staley was calling the Community Bash at Aunt Jill's church]."
Staley:  "Well, we went to the festival last night and I didn't nap yesterday, sooo....."

Staley definitely built a compelling case.  She knew her facts.  She linked her current situation to a past situation.  And, as she assumed, she DID get to go to both the festival and the community bash without napping.

Then today, Staley wanted to play zoo.  This is a game she created where she empties all her card games into her backpack as 'tickets' to the zoo.  I don't like this game as the sorting and returning cards to their appropriate packages is a time-consuming effort.  So I told Staley that we could play zoo, but she was going to have to help put away her 'tickets' when she was done playing.  Staley was agreeable to this contingency...until it came time to put away the tickets.  Then my overly tired girl (that I am definitely NOT blaming on my husband not getting her to bed until 9:00 last night) had a melt-down about putting away the cards.  During her melt-down, I told her that we would not be playing zoo anymore today because of the tears.  After her nap today, we had this conversation:

Staley:  "Let's go in the playroom and play zoo."  (Looking at me expectantly to see if I was going to remember my earlier punishment.)
Me:  "You are not allowed to play zoo anymore today because you cried about putting your tickets away."
Staley:  "I have a great idea.  Let's play festival."
Me:  "Okay.  We can play festival."
Staley:  "I will need to go in the playroom and get my festival tickets."

For the record, she did not get to play any games with 'tickets' today.  But that doesn't change the fact that she is quick on her feet.  I love that my daughter is smart...but sometimes she's too smart for our own good.

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