Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, August 12, 2013

When I Was a Baby...

Staley is bright and inquisitive.  She understands concepts that I think should be confusing for a child her age.  She asks lots of questions and makes amazing connections.  However, there are some things that are just hard to understand.

Since Adelie has been born, we have been telling Staley lots of stories about when she was a baby.  We talk about things that she did or ways that she acted.  Staley is very interested in this and likes to hear about this time in her life.  Lately she has been telling us about when she was a baby...with a few twists.

Staley:  "When I was a baby and Adelie was a big girl, I would smile at Adelie.  She weared my clothes and I weared her clothes."

Staley likes to talk about 'when I am a grown-up and you are a kid' or 'when I was a baby and Adelie was my mommy' or 'when I was a baby and Adelie was a baby.'  The concept of age moving up chronologically and the fact that she'll always be younger than us and older than Adelie seems to be tricky for her right now.  Tonight she was talking about when Zach was a little boy and she was his Mommy.  Zach corrected her, telling her that when he was a little boy, Uma was his Mommy.  Perplexed Staley asked, "So when you were a little boy, who was I?"

In the ego-centric toddler world, I guess it's hard to grasp the concept of not being in the world when it clearly revolves around you.


  1. One time when Olivia was about 4ish, she was talking about when she would be 7 and Cade would be 7 and they would get to be the same age and I reminded her that Cade would ALWAYS be older than she is. She started to cry and said, "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Not an easy concept to grasp...or very fair. She also still gets mad when she sees family vacations pictures from trips she wasn't on because she wasn't born yet. That also is apparently, not fair.

  2. I have a great book that you should read to her. It was my favorite growing up... "When I Grow Up and You Grow Down"