Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, October 25, 2013

Seven Months

Adelie is seven months old.  How quickly seven months can fly by!!  Adelie is growing and changing and moving, moving, moving.  She remains my happy, easy, active, lovey girl.  She weighs over 16 lbs and is wearing her 6-9 month clothes and transitioning into size 3 diapers.  Adelie nurses 5 times/day, eats 2 meals, and takes 2 naps.  Her nighttime sleep is inconsistent, ranging from 5-9 hours at a time.  She has 3 (working hard on the 4th) teeth.  We've had to move her crib mattress down to the next setting.  Adelie sits up like a big girl in her bathtub, rides in the grocery store cart, and sits in restaurant high chairs.

Pretty pleased to be emptying the toy shelf

Likes:  Adelie remains happy and easy.  She likes music, baths, being outside, and exploring.  Her favorite toys are her activity table, Little People, monkeys in a barrel, stacking cups, mardi gras beads, the stethoscope from Staley's doctor kit, and anything that is new, different, or that Staley is playing with.  She still loves her play mat and her mobile.  But her favorite toys are not really toys--water bottles, Desitin tubes, wipes packages, spoons, tags, shoes, and church bulletins are great fun.  Playing with (aka grabbing and pulling) necklaces and earrings that people are wearing is another favorite activity.  Adelie loves looking at herself in the mirror.  Peek-a-boo always makes her laugh.  She gets excited about the cats. Adelie likes to eat and so far has liked everything she has tried, except avocado.  Her favorites are squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, and pears.  But more than anything, Adelie loves her big sister. 

Two of Adelie's favorites:  Staley and eating. 
And one of Staley's favorites:  Being a big helper.

Dislikes:  Adelie gets fussy when she is hungry and tired.  She doesn't usually like getting her nose wiped.  

Skills:  Adelie is my little mover.  She rolls, sits, commando crawls, and transitions into and out of sit.  She will crawl on her hands and knees for about 3-4 feet.  She is trying to pull herself to stand and loves to stand holding onto things.  Adelie activates cause and effect toys, bangs toys together, and empties containers like a champ.  She enjoys dropping toys off her high chair tray and her carseat.  She opens and closes books, rolls a ball back and forth, and is starting to pick up small things with her thumb and finger.  Adelie makes lots of noises ranging from her low growl to her high-pitched squeal.  She seems to understand routines, opening up for her spoon and her toothbrush.  Adelie continues to brighten all our days.

Standing up like a big girl.

My 7 month old

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