Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, October 3, 2013

She Says...

Unfortunately, Staley has been back to her no napping antics over the past two weeks.  She stays in her bed, but keeps up a constant stream of talking and singing.  I've found that if I can give her incentive to lie quietly (like "if you aren't quiet, you won't get to go ride horses"--glad she didn't try to call my bluff on that one), then she usually falls asleep.  One day last week, I went up to remind Staley (again) that she needed to be quiet and sleep.  She told me, "I'm being quiet and closing my eyes and trying to go to sleep, but the snake keeps hissing in my ear."  When I told her that there was not a snake in her room, she replied, "Yes there is.  It's right here" (as she pointed at her blanket).  Just a few days later, when she was again not napping, my reminder visit to her room revealed yet another excuse.  Staley told me, "Yellow Bear was telling me there is a fire in my room.  But I told Yellow Bear, 'That's not a fire.  It's Thomas' smoke stack.'"  And I realized that it's not her fault.  How can I expect Staley to nap when her room is filled with hissing snakes, smoke, trains, and talking bears??? 

My dad often asks Staley for a hug.  Sometimes she obliges and sometimes she doesn't.  So my dad taught her a phrase that she now consistently uses.  When he asks, "Can I get a hug?", Staley answers, "Not likely, Grandpa."

The other night, Zach was talking about his Fantasy Football team at dinner.  After listening for awhile, Staley asked, "Who were you playing fancy football with?"  I can just imagine Staley's vision of football players in princess dresses and lacy gloves.

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