Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A New Friend

Before Adelie was born, Staley had an assortment of imaginary friends who became a part of our family life.  Her Mother Goose Club friends, particularly Jack, and her friends named according to color, like the red one and the yellow one, were often at the dinner table with us, in the car with us, and were a daily part of Staley's play schemes.  Right around the time Adelie was born, these friends went away.

Even though her imaginary friends went away, Staley's imagination remains in full force.  Our days are still filled with parades and carnivals and adventures and shows.  Staley still regularly talks to and plays with her various stuffed animals and dolls.  Apparently her toys continue to talk to her, especially at nap time when she is presumably trying to sleep and they are keeping her awake. But I guess the company of her sister and her toys still isn't enough for her.  And so our family has welcomed Staley's new friend, Gage, into our home.

Doing Yellow Bear's hair

Reading to Ariel

I'm not sure where Gage initially came from.  I think he is based on a TV show that Staley has seen at Megan's house, although there is not actually a character named Gage in the show.  According to Staley, Gage is a 'big boy with brown hair who helps people and has dogs that talk like people.'  Staley likes to sit next to Gage at the table.  Sometimes she has to help people with Gage.  Gage always has a seat in the car.
He has become a permanent fixture in our everyday.  And, of course, he has been the source of some amusing conversations.

The other day while getting ready for nap, Staley said, "There's a monster coming into my room."  I responded with, "Monsters are pretend.  There isn't a monster coming into your room."  With a giggle, Staley exclaimed, "Oh, that's just Gage.  He's wearing his monster costume."  This morning after church, I asked Staley if she had fun in Sunday School.  She replied, "I was a little sad in Sunday School."  When I asked why she was a little sad, she explained, "Gage wasn't there."  I'm not sure where he was during Sunday School because he was in the car with us on the way to church, but I find him pretty hard to keep track of.

Staley has friends.  She has her mother and her sister to play with at home.  She has Yellow Bear.  But apparently that's still not enough.  I'm not sure how long he'll stick around, but for now, she also has Gage.

Staley...and Gage?

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