Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fun Moments

Although this week for us was often consumed with thoughts of the overwhelming situation in Washington, it did provide some fun moments for my girls.

On Wednesday, Staley and I accompanied Liam and Melissa to see 'Sesame Street Live.'  Prior to the show, Staley was convinced that she was going to dance with the Sesame Street characters on the stage while I watched her.  She thoroughly enjoyed the show and did her fair share of dancing at her seat, but there were a few tears when the show ended and Staley had not had a chance to meet the characters.

Sesame Street Live

Staley was all smiles at the show

On Thursday, having heard of a free carousel at Bass Pro Shop, we headed over to check it out.  As carousels continue to top the list of things that Staley loves, she couldn't have been more thrilled to see a free carousel with no line that she was able to ride over and over and over again.  (I think she rode it 12 times.)

Happily riding a reindeer

Adelie was more interested in the Christmas lights at the top of the carousel than the carousel itself.

In between rides on the carousel, Staley also colored a picture, looked at the big fish, drove remote control cars, and watched a model train go around its track.  And Adelie just took it all in...

...while trying to eat her socks.

On Saturday, we helped Elliott celebrate his 5th birthday at his Star Wars party.  Staley enjoyed hanging out with the other kids, playing with Elliott's toys, and eating a cupcake before dinner.

Adelie in her Princess Leia tunic and buns that Aunt Carrie made

To cap off their fun week, Staley and Adelie got to spend the day with their grandparents while Zach and I traveled to St. Louis to watch the Bear's game.

Luckily the Bears were playing inside a dome today so we didn't have to sit outside in the frigid weather to watch the Bears lose.  At least we got to watch them lose in the comfort of a climate-controlled arena.  So our week ended a little bittersweet, but even a Bears win might not have been able to compete with an Elmo-singing, carousel-riding, party-going, grandparent-playing week.

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