Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, January 31, 2014


The Top 10 Moments that Made Up Staley's First Movie Theater Experience:

1.  On the way to the theater, in the parking lot, and while I was buying the movie tickets, Staley kept exclaiming, "I'm so excited!!  I'm so excited!!"
2.  I offered that Staley could pick out a special movie treat.  I was eyeing the Milk Duds.  Without hesitation, Staley went for the fruit snacks.  I should have just thrown a couple packs from home into my purse because $1.75 for one package of fruit snacks is a little hard to swallow.
3.  When we walked into the theater, Staley loudly announced, "That screen is HUGE!"
4.  I had to put my coat into the seat crack of Staley's seat to keep her from getting folded up in it.
5.  I was a little disgruntled by the previews before the movie.  The first one was a creepy preview for a movie called "Malificent" that had Staley climbing into my lap.  The second preview had a swear word, which Staley didn't notice but I found inappropriate prior to a Disney animated movie.
6.  As soon as the movie started, Staley was entranced.  She sat on my lap through much of the movie, eating her fruit snacks and staring intently at the screen.
7.  The moment the movie ended and the credits started, Staley burst into tears because she didn't want the movie to be over.
8.  On the ride home, Staley asked me tons of questions.  "Why did you laugh at the movie?"  "What were the funny parts?"  "I know Elsa, Ana, and Olaf, but what were the rest of their names?"  "Why did Elsa make her ice castle?"  "Why did Ana go up the stairs?"  And on and on and on.
9.  When I asked Staley if there were any scary parts, she said that the snow monster was scary.  I said, "Oh, he was just like a big snowman."  Staley replied, "No.  He was a monster because snow men don't roar and he roared."
10.  On the drive home, Staley proclaimed, "I have a great idea.  We should buy a movie theater for our house."

Despite the inappropriate previews and the snow monster and the fact that Staley did not catch all the intricacies of the plot, she definitely enjoyed the experience.  And the fact that I'm sitting her typing this while humming "Let It Go" is evidence that I enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bad Dream

I shelter Staley.  It's a fact.  I know I can't keep her from experiencing the scary things in this world forever, but I want to keep her toddler innocence for as long as I can.  To that end, I'm careful about what she watches and what she sees and what we read.  I have limited her television viewing to shows that are positive or educational.  I leave out parts of some of the stories that we read or change some of the words.  Even in her Good Samaritan Bible story, I omit the part where the robbers leave him on the side of the road to die.  There are just things that I'm not ready for Staley to learn about yet.

To that end, Staley has never seen an actual movie.  She's seen episodes of her TV shows and sing-a-long DVDs and clips of princess movies.  But even with her love of Disney princesses, all the princess movies have 'scary' parts that I just wasn't sure Staley was ready to see.  However, she has recently become very interested in the new Disney movie, "Frozen."  Her baby-sitter has a "Frozen" book that Staley has obviously read countless times.  She now consistently pretends that she is Elsa, the snow queen (from the movie).  Zach and I talked about taking Staley to see the movie, but since she had never seen a movie at home, I thought we should probably cross that bridge first.  So yesterday at home, Staley and I watched the movie "Tangled."  I knew it had the evil mother character and thieves and ruffians and some fighting.  I knew there were some tense moments where people were being chased or trapped underwater.  I knew that the male character gets stabbed and almost dies at the end.  (Hope I didn't just spoil the movie for anyone planning to see it.)  Throughout the movie, especially during those parts, I watched Staley closely to make sure she wasn't getting scared.  She didn't.  She loved it!!  And when I asked if there were any scary parts, she answered, "No.  It's a movie for kids."

I enjoyed sharing that time with Staley (and she obviously enjoyed her movie viewing experience), so I had decided that maybe we would venture out to a theater soon to see "Frozen."  Until she woke up early this morning, crying because she had a bad dream.  Zach went in to check on her, but I was already regretting my decision to show her "Tangled" and feeling like a bad mom for exposing my daughter to something that caused her to have a bad dream.  I was wondering if it was the fighting or the evil mother or the scary men or the stabbing that was the cause of the tears.  When Zach returned from comforting her, I asked what her bad dream was about.  He had gone in and asked Staley why she was crying.  Her response?  "A little girl took the yellow balloon that Liam let me borrow."

I realized that I can't shelter Staley from everything.  Because it wasn't the action and adventure, the close calls or the near death, the mean men or the manipulative mother that had infected her dreams.  The thought of someone taking her yellow balloon was the reason for her sadness...but maybe a trip to the movies can take her mind off it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ten Months

How can my baby already be 10 months old??  Adelie is my smiley, happy, active baby.  She weighs about 17.5 lbs and is around 28.5" tall.  She is outgrowing her 9 month clothes, but still wears her size 3 diapers.  Adelie nurses 3 times/day, eats 3 meals, and generally takes 2 naps.  She sleeps for 11-12 hours at night (from 7:30 to about 6:45).  She shows off her 8 teeth when she smiles.

Showing off her toothy grin

Likes:  Adelie remains happy and easy to please.  She likes to move and explore.  She is always pulling things off shelves, emptying toy boxes, and trying to get into things that are off-limits (like cords and trash cans).  Her favorite toys are her house toy, activity table, light up wand, and Little People.  She loves riding in the Cozy Coupe car.  She still prefers to play with non-toys, like water bottles, Desitin tubes, magazines, Christmas cards, cell phones, remotes...  Adelie likes looking at herself in the mirror, playing peek-a-boo, belly zerberts, hanging upside-down, throwing things into the bathtub, and petting the cats.  She enjoys looking at books with favorites still being ones with flaps, sounds, and textures.  She remains a great eater, but favorite foods include tortellini, fruit, and carrots (although I still haven't found anything she won't eat.)  And she still love, love, loves her sister!!

A little reading time with Daddy and Staley

Dislikes:  Adelie is developing more of an attitude about things she doesn't like, getting mad and yelling about things like:  having her face/nose/eye wiped, being held in one place to attempt a diaper change or to get dressed, or having a preferred item taken away. 

Skills:  Adelie continues to be mobile, mobile, mobile.  She crawls fast, cruises around furniture, walks with a push toy or hands held, kneels on one knee/one foot for long periods of time, and will sometimes stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything before lowering to the ground.  She can climb onto low furniture and will crawl up several stairs.  Adelie is a pro at activating cause and effect toys, putting toys into small openings, handing things to us, banging toys together, picking up teeny-tiny objects she finds on the floor (and eating them), and beginning to use an index finger to point at things.  Adelie can finger feed, drink from a cup, remove her socks, and open her mouth for her toothbrush.  She is becoming more verbal, saying 'dada' and 'sissy' without prompting.  She has also said 'bubble' and 'all done' with prompting.  She still signs 'more.'  Adelie is starting to understand so much.  She understands commands like 'give it to me', 'come here', and 'no.'  She will bring a brush to her hair.  She still plays 'so big' and now plays a game that we call 'down, up.'  When standing, if we say 'down' she will squat down and then stand up with a huge smile when we say 'up.'  Adelie claps, gives 'high fives', dances (by bouncing up and down), and gives slobbery kisses.  She is learning, growing, and changing, but her smile still lights up a room and she makes all our days brighter.

Adelie at 10 months

Friday, January 24, 2014

Polar Vortex

For the record, if I was ever going to start a band, I'd totally name it Polar Vortex.

Apart from an awesome sounding name, there really isn't anything good about this frigid winter weather we are having.  Days on end that don't get above single digits...or even into the positives.  Wind chills in the -20 degree range.  Spending day after day after day at home because bundling up and braving the cold for a trip to the library or the grocery store just doesn't seem worth it.  Howling winds.  A constant ground cover of snow.  It's been a crazy January so far.  Crazy cold, that is.

But I am thankful.  Thankful that we have a warm house to shelter us from the cold.  Thankful that my girls are very happy to stay at home for days on end.  Thankful that, when her school gets cancelled due to the extreme cold, my mother offers to come watch the girls so I don't have to take them out into the frigid conditions.  Thankful that my husband got me remote start for Christmas so that I only have to brave the cold when hustling from a warm building to my warm car.  And thankful that this arctic weather gave someone the opportunity to coin the term 'polar vortex.'  Because that, my friends, is awesome!!

What we've been up to during these frigid days: fairy wings, of course

Practicing walking

Keeping an eye on the polar vortex


Adelie added one more.  Now she has an even eight.

Monday, January 20, 2014

She Says...

Tonight Staley was running around the house yelling, "I'm running out of luck.  I'm running out of luck."  Then she stopped and asked Zach, "Daddy, can you give me some more luck?"

Staley picked out some new body wash at the store the other day.  It's Johnson's Vanilla Oatmeal moisturizing body wash.  Staley kept forgetting what it was called, and repeatedly asked me what the new kind was called.  Tonight as Staley was taking a bath with her new body wash, she told me, "I smell so good.  I smell just like...(long pause as she's trying to remember the name)...blueberries and sausage."  At least she knew it was in the breakfast food group.  And really, who doesn't want to get out of the tub smelling like sausage???

Tis the Season

Christmas is over.  The novelty of winter sweaters and cozy hats has worn off.  The sight of snow on the ground is no longer a beautiful sight.  And tis the season for sickness.

Last week-end, Staley had a short-lived fever, runny nose, and cough.  She kicked the fever in time for her birthday party, and the runny nose went away fairly quickly.  She's still coughing occasionally, but not the frequent pack-a-day hacking that she was doing.  All in all, beats the stomach flu.

Unfortunately the germs decided to take up another residence in our home.  And unlike her sister, Adelie's illness hasn't been quite as short-lived.  Adelie started up with her runny nose, cough, and fever on Thursday night.  Her fever stayed on-and-off throughout the week-end, along with some more night-waking and mild fussiness.  A trip to Dr. Cross this morning found Adelie with another first.  Her first double ear infection and her first prescription for Amoxicillin.  Luckily, Adelie is just as open to taking medicine as she is to eating things she finds of the floor, so we've had no difficulties with that.  And my happy little baby has generally been her happy little self, with just a touch more flair for the dramatic.

I love the holiday season.  I do enjoy the beauty of the first snowfall.  I'm okay with a day or two being stuck inside our cozy little house.  But the season of illness.  I can do without that.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Kind of Defeats the Purpose

Today at lunch, Staley said something that we have told her is not a nice thing to say.

Me:  "Staley, that is not a nice thing to say.  I don't want to hear you say it again."
Staley:  "I will just say it really quiet so you can't hear it"  (as she proceeds to whisper it).
Me:  "We don't say that, even really quietly.  If you say it again, you are going to lose your after-rest movie privilege.  Do you understand?"
Staley:  "Yes."
I then went into the bathroom to wash my hands.  When I returned, Staley said, "I said it while you were in the bathroom so you couldn't hear me."

Not that I'm complaining, but misbehaving when I'm not around and then immediately telling me about it kind of defeats the purpose...since that's how Staley lost her movie privileges today.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


We have always tried to be consistent with our expectations for our girls.  We want them to know that their actions will have consequences, positive or negative.  To that end, we try to be very specific about what the consequences for a specific action will be.  For example, Staley knows that if Miss Meagan tells me that she was a good listener and did not have to sit in time out, then Staley gets fruit snacks on the way home.  (Score!)  She also knows that if she throws her fruit snack wrapper on the floor of the car instead of handing it to me, then she will not get any snack the next time we are in the car.  (Bummer!)  When Staley is not listening or being sassy or breaking a rule, we try to be very clear about setting a consequence, making sure she understands the consequence, and then following through if needed. 

Staley has caught onto this spelling-out-the-consequences routine.  And lately, she has been very specific about telling us what the consequences of our actions will be.  She doesn't do it in a crying or yelling or even in a sassy way.  Just like we try to do, she is very matter-of-fact about the consequences she's giving us.

The other night at bedtime, my very tired little girl told Zach:  "If you put me in bed, I am not going to sleep...AT ALL."  The other evening, Staley asked what we were having for dinner.  I told her we were having soup.  She responded matter-of-factly, "If you give me soup, I'm not going to eat it."  And a few days ago, Staley wanted me to read her another book before rest time.  When I told her that we had already read our rest time books and it was time to rest, she started crying.  I told her, "If you cry about rest time, then I will take your books out of your bed and you can just take a nap instead."  She responded to my consequence with one of her own by saying, "If you take my books out of my bed, I will get out of bed, turn on my little light, and get some more books."  She had me in a tricky spot, because that was definitely something she'd be able to do.  I just told her that we wouldn't have to worry about that if she stopped crying and rested nicely.  Luckily, she did.

Staley has always been quick on her feet and ready with an excuse.  Now she's thinking ahead and letting us know what the consequences of our actions might be.  Luckily, she's still young enough that, regardless of what she says, our consequences trump hers so she's still sleeping at night, eating what is on her plate at dinner, and resting without crying.  For now.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Three Years

Staley is three.  She's no longer a toddler.  She's a little girl.  A smart, funny, happy, confident, independent, imaginative, talkative, social, sweet little girl.  She now weighs 31 lbs (54th percentile) and is 36.5" tall (30th percentile).  She wears her 3T clothes and her size 7 shoes.  She has given up her nap, but rests in her bed with books for an hour every day.  She sleeps for 11-12 hours at night (7:30 to 7:00ish).

Look who's 3!!

Likes:  Staley loves pretend play, dressing up, singing, dancing, swimming, arts and crafts, princesses, mermaids, and horses.  She enjoys outings, errands, and going to her baby-sitters, but can be just as content staying home to play.  Staley plays with lots of toys, so it's hard to list her favorites.  Her dress-up clothes, spring horse, doctor kit, beauty shop, and mermaid/princess/horse figurines get daily use. She LOVES her outdoor play set.  And, of course, Yellow Bear remains a constant companion.  Games are also fun, and Staley's favorites include 'Memory', 'Spot It', 'Old Maid', and her new 'Under the Sea Treasure' game.  Staley still loves books.  She loves any and all books, so I can't even begin to pick favorites although she has started asking for longer stories out of her 'Bedtime Favorites' and 'Storybook Classics' books.  Watching television remains her after-rest treat, and favorite shows include 'Paw Patrol', 'Sofia the First', 'Dora', 'Diego', 'Doc McStuffins', 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse', and 'Bubble Guppies.'  Staley is a good eater, but favorite foods include fruit snacks, waffles, pancakes, brats, chicken nuggets, fruit, and pizza.  She loves spending time with her cousins and friends.  She is a wonderful big sister and enjoys teaching Adelie new things, sharing toys with Adelie, and making Adelie laugh.

Staley spends time daily riding her flying horse.
My imaginative little girl has named her horse "Fin, the underwater flying horse."
I guess an underwater flying horse is a necessity if you plan to be a mermaid when you grow up.

Staley enjoying some painting time.

Dislikes:  Staley doesn't generally like when she is made to do something that is not on her current agenda, like trying to go potty before leaving the house.  She is still not a fan of loud noises like the vacuum or the mixer.  We went through a bit of a rough patch for several months after Staley gave up her nap with increased tears and drama, especially in the evenings.  However, the past few weeks, my now 3 year old has shown an improved ability to handle her days without nap and we've had a number of tear-free days.  (Although we also have our fair share of not tear-free days as well.)

Skills:  Staley is my independent little girl.  She loves to run, jump, twirl, dance, and climb.  She is proficient at climbing the climbing wall on her playset, and enjoys going down the big slides by herself at the park.  Staley loves drawing, coloring, and painting.  She is my little left-handed girl, and can imitate lines and circles.  When 'writing' her name, she can often make her 'L' and 'T' fairly legibly.  She can make several consecutive snips with scissors, string beads, and build well with her Mega Blocks.  Staley is becoming increasingly independent.  She can dress and undress herself, go to the bathroom by herself (with reminders to wipe and wash her hands), feed herself well with silverware, brush her teeth and hair (with assistance for thoroughness), and wash her hands.  Staley's memory and understanding continue to amaze me.  She knows all her shapes and colors, most of her letters, some of her numbers, opposites, rhymes, and counting (to 20 while skipping 16).  She is learning the beginning sounds of words.  Staley has expanded her Spanish vocabulary to include about 40-50 words, and she has a wide repertoire of songs and books that she has memorized.

More than the things she knows and the things she can do, Staley impresses me daily with who she is.  She is sweet and kind, loving and thoughtful.  She is great at sharing, waiting her turn, giving compliments, and caring for her sister.  She is independent and confident, but still climbs onto my lap for the 'scary' parts of her TV shows (like the benign witch in Dora or the not-so-nice sea monster on Sofia).  She likes things her way, but will generally do what is asked with an 'oh, sure, sure.'  She entertains herself well, but still prefers to include me in her play.  Staley is my three year old.  She's growing up fast, but she's still my baby girl.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

She Says...

The other day, I had Staley try to go potty before we left the house.  She said, "My pee pee won't come out.  It's completely stuck!"

Today while driving home from the baby-sitters, Staley and I had this conversation. 
Staley:  "My head always hurts in the car." 
Me: "I'm sorry your head hurts.  Would it help if I turned on some music?" 
Staley:  "No, that won't help.  But it will stop hurting if I watch a Dora movie."

At Staley's 3 year check-up, she and the nurse had this conversation.
Nurse:  "Do you go to pre-school?"
Staley:  "No.  I go to Sunday School."
Nurse:  "Oh, that's fun.  Where do you go to Sunday School?"
Staley:  "At church."  (Duh!)

On Sunday night after Staley's birthday party, we were talking before she went to sleep.
Zach:  "What was your favorite part of your birthday party?"
Staley:  "Every part was my favorite part."

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Interview with a 3 Year Old

In honor of Staley's third birthday, I interviewed her to get an insider's peek at the mind of a 3 year old.

What is your favorite color?  "Pink and purple"
What is your favorite food?  "Chicken nuggets"
Who is your favorite princess?  "Ariel when she's a mermaid and Belle"
Who is your best friend?  "Liam"
What is your favorite TV show?  "Paw Patrol and Sofia the First when she's a mermaid"
Who is your favorite stuffed animal?  "Yellow Bear"
What is your favorite thing to play with?  "Play Doh ice cream shop"
What is your favorite thing to do outside?  "Play baseball"
What is your favorite treat?  "Suckers"
What is your favorite holiday?  "Halloween"
Where is your favorite place to play?  "The park"
Where is your favorite place to go?  "New open gym"
What is your favorite animal?  "Horses"
What do you like to help Mommy do?  "Cook"
What do you like to help Daddy do?  "Build stuff"
What do you like to help Adelie do?  "Clap"
Who is your favorite sister?  "Adelie"
What kind of birthday party do you want?  "A Barbie horse party"
What do you want for your birthday?  "More princess dresses"
What are you going to be able to do when you turn 3?  "Take swim lessons all by myself"
What do you want to be when you grow up?  "A mermaid"

Birthday Girl

Staley is officially THREE!!!  Her actual birthday was yesterday.  And how does any 3 year old want to start her birthday?

Sick.  :(

Staley woke up on Saturday morning with a cough, runny nose, and fever.  Although she perked up after some Ibuprofin, instead of celebrating her birthday with Liam at his super hero party, she had to hang out all day at home.  There was still special breakfast, presents, playing with presents, phone calls and texts from special people, family play time, dinner with Grammie and Grandpa, and special ice cream treats.  Despite not feeling well, Staley had a fun day.

Opening presents in PJs and sunglasses?  
I guess that's just what 3 year olds do.

Staley making a necklace and a bracelet with her new beads.

Enjoying some birthday play time with her little sis.

Luckily Staley woke up this morning fever free...and so excited about her birthday party.  Her birthday party theme had been changing consistently, but a few weeks ago she decided she wanted a Barbie horse party and hadn't wavered.  And so, a Barbie horse party she had.

There was a Barbie horse game (courtesy of Uncle Evan),...

Barbie horse food, including...

Barbie pink punch and...

horse brownies and cookies.

There were cousins and friends...

and lots of family.

But, without a doubt, the highlight of the party was a very special guest.

Kracker came to Staley's party (with our friends Libby and Judy)

Nothing can beat birthday party horse rides!!

It sure is good being 3!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Memory Lane

Three years ago today, I was impatiently waiting to meet my already overdue baby.  I knew that my life was about to change forever, but I had no idea.  No idea how fiercely I would love this little girl.  No idea how enamored I would be by every facial expression, every baby sigh, every new skill.  No idea how one smile, one giggle, one hug could change the course of my day.  No idea that this sweet, sweet baby would become an amazing little girl in the blink of an eye.  Staley is turning 3 on Saturday.  And as quickly as this time has gone, it also feels like so long ago that I was holding this baby in my arms, wondering what she would grow up to be like.

My sweet, sweet baby became... happy little 6 month old, playful little one year old, talkative little 18 month old, imaginative little 2 year old, 

...and my independent little 2 1/2 year old.

And at almost 3, my Staley remains my sweet, happy, playful, talkative, imaginative, independent baby girl.  I knew my life would never be the same, but I had no idea how wonderful it could be.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Big Eater

I have always described Adelie as my active baby.  My mover.  It only makes sense that she needs a way to replenish all those calories she burns because my Adelie is an eater.  I have to decide when meal time is over because she will continue to eat as long as there is food being offered.  Although it is clear that she prefers table foods to baby foods, she has not rejected anything I've tried to feed her.  Chili, cornbread, baked chicken, fish, hamburger casserole, pasta, eggs, fruits, veggies.  She eats it all.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I'm constantly pulling carpet fuzz, cat fur, rocks, leaves, and Christmas tree needles out of her mouth.

When Staley was an early self-feeder, she was relatively neat.  She didn't like to get overly messy and was very precise and delicate about finger feeding.  She didn't even want to eat her first birthday cake.  She gingerly touched the icing, and then asked for a cracker instead.  I think Adelie might take things in a different direction.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Princess Staley

Staley loves to play dress up.  Our dress up clothes primarily consisted of Staley's Halloween costume, a borrowed pink princess dress, and a set of fairy wings.  So for Christmas, Staley got a new wardrobe of princess dresses.  Needless to say, the last few weeks around our house have looked like this...

No princess dress is complete without gloves and a tiara.

Spending some royal time with the other princesses (and mermaids).

There are several royal balls at our house daily.
Formal wear recommended, but obviously not required.

My little princess.
All day, every day.

New Year, New Skills

Adelie has started off the new year with a bang.  Or, more specifically, a clap.  To be perfectly literal, lots of claps.  Several new skills have emerged over the past several days.  Clapping is one of them.  She claps for herself.  She claps for other people.  She claps in her high chair, her crib, the bath.  And the huge smile that goes along with the clapping is evidence that she's pretty darn proud of herself.

To go along with her clapping, Adelie has started to play a few other fine motor games.  She is very proficient at activating all the buttons/switches/levers on her activity table, little toy kitchen, and new house toy.  Although Staley recently noted that Adelie is more of a 'taker-outer', Adelie has now started to put things in.  She likes to put shapes into her little refrigerator door and toys into containers.  She also loves to play the game where she hands things to us and then we hand them back.  Big fun here!!

As part of my New Year's resolution for Adelie, we changed up her bedtime routine.  Until January 1, I'd nurse Adelie to sleep each night.  Starting the first day of the new year, we changed her routine so that I nurse her before books, music, and prayers.  This means that now we are putting her to bed awake instead of asleep.  The transition has been awesome.  The first night she cried for about 1 minute.  Since then, not a peep.  I am definitely loving this new skill.

Along with these new skills, Adelie also demonstrates competency in eating things she finds on the floor (constantly!!), pulling apart the tracks on the train table every chance she gets, making a bee line towards any cord she can find, and pulling to stand at the TV so she can push the buttons.  Tonight she also added trying to drink the water in the bathtub.  I guess there are just some skills I'm more proud of than others.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


She's cutting teeth like it's going out of style.  (Just added another top right one.)  Cutting teeth can't be fun, but it doesn't stop Adelie from smiling.


She Knows Her Mama

On Tuesday, Meagan (the girls' baby-sitter) was talking to Staley about the new year.  They were discussing things that people could do on New Year's Eve.  Meagan mentioned staying up late and using noise makers.  She told Staley, "You could even bang pots and pans together and shout "Happy New Year!!"  Staley very seriously replied, "I think Mommy would say 'no' to the pots and pans."

She's a smart one, that girl.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I wish I had something insightful and profound to write to start off this New Year.  I entertained various blog post ideas .  I thought about reflecting on 2013.  (But if you follow this blog, you've already experienced our 2013 with us...and truthfully, the highlight is no big surprise.)

I might have shared pictures with you of our wild and crazy New Year's Eve, but I never even got out the camera.  Which is just as well, since I was in my pajamas on the couch by 7:30.  (Yes, this New Year's Eve at the Sancken house was off the hook!!)

A post about New Year's resolutions is always a good way to start off another year of blogging, but I already shared my resolution in a previous post.

So after a fabulous first day of this new year, I've decided to blog about why 2014 is going to be awesome.  If the next 364 days are like today, 2014 will bring us... infant that naps like a champion,
a toddler without drama,
fun family play time,
lots of little projects completed,
time and energy and motivation to get things done,
and two girls who go straight to sleep every night.

Bring it on, 2014.  Bring it on!!