Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, January 31, 2014


The Top 10 Moments that Made Up Staley's First Movie Theater Experience:

1.  On the way to the theater, in the parking lot, and while I was buying the movie tickets, Staley kept exclaiming, "I'm so excited!!  I'm so excited!!"
2.  I offered that Staley could pick out a special movie treat.  I was eyeing the Milk Duds.  Without hesitation, Staley went for the fruit snacks.  I should have just thrown a couple packs from home into my purse because $1.75 for one package of fruit snacks is a little hard to swallow.
3.  When we walked into the theater, Staley loudly announced, "That screen is HUGE!"
4.  I had to put my coat into the seat crack of Staley's seat to keep her from getting folded up in it.
5.  I was a little disgruntled by the previews before the movie.  The first one was a creepy preview for a movie called "Malificent" that had Staley climbing into my lap.  The second preview had a swear word, which Staley didn't notice but I found inappropriate prior to a Disney animated movie.
6.  As soon as the movie started, Staley was entranced.  She sat on my lap through much of the movie, eating her fruit snacks and staring intently at the screen.
7.  The moment the movie ended and the credits started, Staley burst into tears because she didn't want the movie to be over.
8.  On the ride home, Staley asked me tons of questions.  "Why did you laugh at the movie?"  "What were the funny parts?"  "I know Elsa, Ana, and Olaf, but what were the rest of their names?"  "Why did Elsa make her ice castle?"  "Why did Ana go up the stairs?"  And on and on and on.
9.  When I asked Staley if there were any scary parts, she said that the snow monster was scary.  I said, "Oh, he was just like a big snowman."  Staley replied, "No.  He was a monster because snow men don't roar and he roared."
10.  On the drive home, Staley proclaimed, "I have a great idea.  We should buy a movie theater for our house."

Despite the inappropriate previews and the snow monster and the fact that Staley did not catch all the intricacies of the plot, she definitely enjoyed the experience.  And the fact that I'm sitting her typing this while humming "Let It Go" is evidence that I enjoyed it too.

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