Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Skills

Adelie has started off the new year with a bang.  Or, more specifically, a clap.  To be perfectly literal, lots of claps.  Several new skills have emerged over the past several days.  Clapping is one of them.  She claps for herself.  She claps for other people.  She claps in her high chair, her crib, the bath.  And the huge smile that goes along with the clapping is evidence that she's pretty darn proud of herself.

To go along with her clapping, Adelie has started to play a few other fine motor games.  She is very proficient at activating all the buttons/switches/levers on her activity table, little toy kitchen, and new house toy.  Although Staley recently noted that Adelie is more of a 'taker-outer', Adelie has now started to put things in.  She likes to put shapes into her little refrigerator door and toys into containers.  She also loves to play the game where she hands things to us and then we hand them back.  Big fun here!!

As part of my New Year's resolution for Adelie, we changed up her bedtime routine.  Until January 1, I'd nurse Adelie to sleep each night.  Starting the first day of the new year, we changed her routine so that I nurse her before books, music, and prayers.  This means that now we are putting her to bed awake instead of asleep.  The transition has been awesome.  The first night she cried for about 1 minute.  Since then, not a peep.  I am definitely loving this new skill.

Along with these new skills, Adelie also demonstrates competency in eating things she finds on the floor (constantly!!), pulling apart the tracks on the train table every chance she gets, making a bee line towards any cord she can find, and pulling to stand at the TV so she can push the buttons.  Tonight she also added trying to drink the water in the bathtub.  I guess there are just some skills I'm more proud of than others.

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