Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ten Months

How can my baby already be 10 months old??  Adelie is my smiley, happy, active baby.  She weighs about 17.5 lbs and is around 28.5" tall.  She is outgrowing her 9 month clothes, but still wears her size 3 diapers.  Adelie nurses 3 times/day, eats 3 meals, and generally takes 2 naps.  She sleeps for 11-12 hours at night (from 7:30 to about 6:45).  She shows off her 8 teeth when she smiles.

Showing off her toothy grin

Likes:  Adelie remains happy and easy to please.  She likes to move and explore.  She is always pulling things off shelves, emptying toy boxes, and trying to get into things that are off-limits (like cords and trash cans).  Her favorite toys are her house toy, activity table, light up wand, and Little People.  She loves riding in the Cozy Coupe car.  She still prefers to play with non-toys, like water bottles, Desitin tubes, magazines, Christmas cards, cell phones, remotes...  Adelie likes looking at herself in the mirror, playing peek-a-boo, belly zerberts, hanging upside-down, throwing things into the bathtub, and petting the cats.  She enjoys looking at books with favorites still being ones with flaps, sounds, and textures.  She remains a great eater, but favorite foods include tortellini, fruit, and carrots (although I still haven't found anything she won't eat.)  And she still love, love, loves her sister!!

A little reading time with Daddy and Staley

Dislikes:  Adelie is developing more of an attitude about things she doesn't like, getting mad and yelling about things like:  having her face/nose/eye wiped, being held in one place to attempt a diaper change or to get dressed, or having a preferred item taken away. 

Skills:  Adelie continues to be mobile, mobile, mobile.  She crawls fast, cruises around furniture, walks with a push toy or hands held, kneels on one knee/one foot for long periods of time, and will sometimes stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything before lowering to the ground.  She can climb onto low furniture and will crawl up several stairs.  Adelie is a pro at activating cause and effect toys, putting toys into small openings, handing things to us, banging toys together, picking up teeny-tiny objects she finds on the floor (and eating them), and beginning to use an index finger to point at things.  Adelie can finger feed, drink from a cup, remove her socks, and open her mouth for her toothbrush.  She is becoming more verbal, saying 'dada' and 'sissy' without prompting.  She has also said 'bubble' and 'all done' with prompting.  She still signs 'more.'  Adelie is starting to understand so much.  She understands commands like 'give it to me', 'come here', and 'no.'  She will bring a brush to her hair.  She still plays 'so big' and now plays a game that we call 'down, up.'  When standing, if we say 'down' she will squat down and then stand up with a huge smile when we say 'up.'  Adelie claps, gives 'high fives', dances (by bouncing up and down), and gives slobbery kisses.  She is learning, growing, and changing, but her smile still lights up a room and she makes all our days brighter.

Adelie at 10 months

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