Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Three Years

Staley is three.  She's no longer a toddler.  She's a little girl.  A smart, funny, happy, confident, independent, imaginative, talkative, social, sweet little girl.  She now weighs 31 lbs (54th percentile) and is 36.5" tall (30th percentile).  She wears her 3T clothes and her size 7 shoes.  She has given up her nap, but rests in her bed with books for an hour every day.  She sleeps for 11-12 hours at night (7:30 to 7:00ish).

Look who's 3!!

Likes:  Staley loves pretend play, dressing up, singing, dancing, swimming, arts and crafts, princesses, mermaids, and horses.  She enjoys outings, errands, and going to her baby-sitters, but can be just as content staying home to play.  Staley plays with lots of toys, so it's hard to list her favorites.  Her dress-up clothes, spring horse, doctor kit, beauty shop, and mermaid/princess/horse figurines get daily use. She LOVES her outdoor play set.  And, of course, Yellow Bear remains a constant companion.  Games are also fun, and Staley's favorites include 'Memory', 'Spot It', 'Old Maid', and her new 'Under the Sea Treasure' game.  Staley still loves books.  She loves any and all books, so I can't even begin to pick favorites although she has started asking for longer stories out of her 'Bedtime Favorites' and 'Storybook Classics' books.  Watching television remains her after-rest treat, and favorite shows include 'Paw Patrol', 'Sofia the First', 'Dora', 'Diego', 'Doc McStuffins', 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse', and 'Bubble Guppies.'  Staley is a good eater, but favorite foods include fruit snacks, waffles, pancakes, brats, chicken nuggets, fruit, and pizza.  She loves spending time with her cousins and friends.  She is a wonderful big sister and enjoys teaching Adelie new things, sharing toys with Adelie, and making Adelie laugh.

Staley spends time daily riding her flying horse.
My imaginative little girl has named her horse "Fin, the underwater flying horse."
I guess an underwater flying horse is a necessity if you plan to be a mermaid when you grow up.

Staley enjoying some painting time.

Dislikes:  Staley doesn't generally like when she is made to do something that is not on her current agenda, like trying to go potty before leaving the house.  She is still not a fan of loud noises like the vacuum or the mixer.  We went through a bit of a rough patch for several months after Staley gave up her nap with increased tears and drama, especially in the evenings.  However, the past few weeks, my now 3 year old has shown an improved ability to handle her days without nap and we've had a number of tear-free days.  (Although we also have our fair share of not tear-free days as well.)

Skills:  Staley is my independent little girl.  She loves to run, jump, twirl, dance, and climb.  She is proficient at climbing the climbing wall on her playset, and enjoys going down the big slides by herself at the park.  Staley loves drawing, coloring, and painting.  She is my little left-handed girl, and can imitate lines and circles.  When 'writing' her name, she can often make her 'L' and 'T' fairly legibly.  She can make several consecutive snips with scissors, string beads, and build well with her Mega Blocks.  Staley is becoming increasingly independent.  She can dress and undress herself, go to the bathroom by herself (with reminders to wipe and wash her hands), feed herself well with silverware, brush her teeth and hair (with assistance for thoroughness), and wash her hands.  Staley's memory and understanding continue to amaze me.  She knows all her shapes and colors, most of her letters, some of her numbers, opposites, rhymes, and counting (to 20 while skipping 16).  She is learning the beginning sounds of words.  Staley has expanded her Spanish vocabulary to include about 40-50 words, and she has a wide repertoire of songs and books that she has memorized.

More than the things she knows and the things she can do, Staley impresses me daily with who she is.  She is sweet and kind, loving and thoughtful.  She is great at sharing, waiting her turn, giving compliments, and caring for her sister.  She is independent and confident, but still climbs onto my lap for the 'scary' parts of her TV shows (like the benign witch in Dora or the not-so-nice sea monster on Sofia).  She likes things her way, but will generally do what is asked with an 'oh, sure, sure.'  She entertains herself well, but still prefers to include me in her play.  Staley is my three year old.  She's growing up fast, but she's still my baby girl.

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