Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

She Says...

Tonight as we were driving home from Peoria, Staley and I had several funny conversations.

As we were driving along, Staley pointed out another van on the road.  She said, "That van is bigger than ours.  And darker."  I agreed with her, and then started a game where I would ask if things were bigger or smaller than our van.  I'd ask, "Is a mouse bigger than our van?"  or "Is a whale bigger than our van?" or "Is a train bigger than our van?"  Staley thought this game was funny, and answered correctly which things were bigger or smaller than our van.  In a moment of inspiration, Staley said, "I know something that's bigger than our van."  Interested, I asked, "What?"  She responded happily, "YOU!"  (And that's why I'm resisting the urge to get myself a bowl of ice cream right now.)

Staley:  "When Adelie gets bigger, she will ride in my carseat and I will ride in a new pink carseat."
Me:  "That's true.  Adelie will get too big for her carseat soon and then she can ride in yours and we will have to get you a new one."
Staley:  "Yes.  I am getting too big for my carseat because I'm 3 and my carseat is a 2T."

Staley was in the backseat and yawned really big.
Me:  "That was a big yawn.  Are you tired?"
Staley:  "I'm not tired.  I'm just worn out."

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