Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Ones I Like...and the Ones I Don't

Adelie is at such a fun age.  She's making new connections and learning new things on a daily basis.  And so many of these new skills are ones that make me smile.  Like how she'll now growl, whistle, and snort on command.  Or how, when we ask her where her hat is, she'll put whatever she's holding on her head.  To keep her semi-occupied during diaper changes, we just go through her repertoire of skills from 'so big' and high fives to blowing kisses, clapping, and waving.  It's so cute to see her 'combing' her hair or putting her socks to her feet or trying to put her bow back on her head.  And the way she lays her head on my shoulder when I ask for a hug just melts my heart.  So many new skills.  So many new skills that I like.

And then there are those things that Adelie is doing that I could do without.  Like how she wants to play in the toilet...any chance she gets.  We try to remember to keep the lids closed, but Adelie has found that when Staley is going potty is a prime opportunity to try to stick her hand in the water or throw her socks in.  Yuck!  And I could do without having to search all around the carseat for the hat and socks that Adelie has inevitably removed and thrown while we are driving somewhere.  The eating things off the floor, sucking on the kitchen cabinet handles, and trying to drink the bath water are all unfortunate.  And sometimes getting her dressed or changing her diaper is like wrestling an alligator.  But by far my least favorite new Adelie 'skill' (if we want to call it that) is the screaming.  Not crying.  Not getting worked up or upset.  Just screaming.  As in 'there is not anymore food on my tray'.  Scream.  'But I wasn't done trying to eat that magazine.'  Scream.  'Do you realize that I'm awake in my bed and you're not in here?'  Scream.  It's loud.  It's demanding.  And it's definitely not my favorite.

I like the waving.  The snorting makes me laugh.  I can't get enough of the hugs.  But the toilet play?  The screaming?  There are ones that I like...and then there are the ones that I don't.

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