Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Aside from a flooded basement and the less-than-springtime weather, we had a fabulous week off as a family.  Each morning we planned a fun, family activity.  We went swimming, to the Children's Museum, to the library, to the Riverfront Museum, and to the zoo as a family.  On Friday, I took Adelie for her one year check-up and shopping while Zach took Staley to paint pottery.  We also did plenty of eating out, playing at home, spending time with grandparents/cousins/aunts and uncles, and we even got some quality outdoor playtime today as we ended our stay-cation with some nice, warm weather.

Hanging with cousin Olivia at the Children's Museum

Enjoying some up-close animal encounters at the zoo.

My budding architect at the Riverfront Museum

A little quality time with cousin Elliott at the Riverfront Museum
(In case you were wondering, they are inside their ice castle shooting ice at me.)

Spending some fun time at home with my little one year old

After our family time each morning, Zach and I would then work on our long to-do list while the girls napped/rested.  We crossed the last 2 items off the list today!!  We accomplished a long list of jobs, everything from filling out Adelie's baby book and cleaning behind the fridge/oven to putting new tires on the motorcycle and doing our taxes.  But the job the girls were most excited about?  Putting together Adelie's birthday gift.

Adelie's favorite parts?  The working doorbell and the little phone.

Lots of fun for the whole family.

Adelie's new playhouse

We worked.  We played.  We rested up.  And apart from the watery basement (and Adelie's one year shots), we enjoyed every minute of our stay-cation.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

It Can Get a Little Scary...

...when the girls do their own hair.

Adelie likes to style with peach juice.

Staley prefers headbands.

I can't say it's their best look, but I appreciate the effort.  However, I will probably insist on helping when it comes time for family pictures or public outings.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bedtime Changes

Staley is in bed.  Her pajamas are on.  Her teeth are brushed.  Her prayers have been said.  And she is wearing underpants.  Big girl underpants.  It's a big night here at the Sancken house.

As of a few weeks ago, Staley had never woken up in the morning dry.  Ever.  Then one morning she did.  And she was dry the next day.  And the next.  For more than 2 consecutive weeks, Staley has woken up dry in the morning.  Each morning in her excitement about being 'completely dry', she asks about wearing underpants to bed.  And each day I say, "Not yet."  Until today.  Today I said, "Sure.  Why not?"

And so my little girl enthusiastically picked out her princess underpants and her monkey pajamas.  She happily snuggled into bed, patting her bottom as if to assure herself that there was no bulky pull-up there.  She was so excited, and that made me excited for her.  My excitement might fade, however, if I'm changing sheets at 2 in the morning.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celebration Day

Today was Adelie's first birthday.  Since we had already had her party, we decided to just make this a fun, family day with all of Adelie's favorites.  She got some quality early morning play time with Daddy (since she decided that waking up before 6 was a good way to start off her day.)  After breakfast, we enjoyed our morning at the Children's Discovery Museum in Bloomington with Uma, Papa, Olivia, and Lila.  Adelie's favorites included the little bridge in the toddler area and the padded play area with lots of padded shapes to climb on.

Playing with cousin Olivia

After lunch and a nap, Adelie enjoyed family play time at home, as well as special visits from the water restoration people and the plumber.  Then Uma, Papa, Olivia, and Lila came over to play, have dinner (Adelie's favorite--Michael's tortellini), and enjoy a little birthday cake.

Enjoying a little light birthday reading

Tortellini + cake = bath time

It was a fun day just celebrating what a blessing Adelie is in our lives.

It sure is good being one!

She's One!!!

It's official.  My baby girl is one today!  She went from a snuggly, sleepy infant to a walking, giggly, active toddler in the blink of an eye.  Adelie has her one year check-up later this week, but I'm guessing she's around 18 or 19 pounds.  She's in size 3 diapers, and is starting to wear her 12-18 month clothes.  She has 8 teeth.  She nurses two times/day, eats 3 meals and a snack, and takes one nap.  She still sleeps for 11-12 hours at night.

My happy little gal

Likes:  Adelie is my happy little girl.  Her favorite thing?  Climbing.  She loves to climb on and off, in and out.  She climbs onto chairs.  She climbs into boxes.  She climbs onto Staley's bed.  She tries to climb into the bathtub, onto the table in the playroom, and all over anyone who is lying on the floor.  Her favorite toys are the Cozy Coupe car (climbing in and out), her ride on toy (climbing on and off), and the little chairs we have in the playroom and the basement.  She does enjoy the Little People princess castle, stacking cups, mardi gras beads, Staley's princess and mermaid figurines, and books.  Her current favorite book is her new pop-up farm animal book, but any book with flaps or buttons is fun.  She likes to color for short periods of time, and loves emptying our card basket.  Adelie likes to go on outings, and is generally content to ride in her stroller or a shopping cart.  Baths, swimming, being outside, animals, other kids, and eating (both edibles and non-edibles) all make the 'likes' list.  Adelie eats almost anything, but she LOVES tortillini and fruit...and birthday cake.  And she still can't get enough of her sister.



and more climbing.

Dislikes:  Adelie is vocal when she's not happy, which (luckily) isn't too often.  She gets mad about not having food quickly enough, when she's removed from a preferred activity, when something she shouldn't have is taken away from her, when she's bored in her carseat, when she wakes up and isn't attended to quickly enough, and when I'm showering.  She is generally distracted easily, and her displeasure is usually short-lived.

Skills:  Adelie is a walker.  She walks about 75% of the time now.  She is able to stand up in the middle of a room, and can squat to pick something up while walking.  She can crawl up stairs, and is very proficient at climbing.  Adelie figures things out quickly.  She loves to push buttons, activate toys, put things in, and take things out.  She can take off her socks, shoes, hats, and bows (constantly).  She feeds herself with her fingers, and is starting to try to use a spoon.  She can drink from a sippy cup and a straw.  She likes to 'help' brush her hair, brush her teeth, and try to put on her socks/hats/bows (that she has removed).  Adelie has said a handful of words, but her only consistent and unprompted words remain dada, sissy, and sock.  She signs more, drink, and book.  Adelie will do 'so big' and peek-a-boo.  She waves, claps, blows kisses, gives hugs, and dances.  When asked where her tummy is, she rubs her stomach.  She puts her hand to her ear to 'talk' on the phone.  She understands things like 'give it to me', 'put it in', 'come here', and 'sit down.'

Squatting is a great skill, so even when walking, you can still eat things you find on the floor.

My big walker

Adelie makes our lives so much fuller and richer.  I can't believe how much love I have for this baby girl.  What a year it has been!!!

My little one year old

Monday, March 24, 2014

Not a Stellar Start

Today was the beginning of our week-long family stay-cation.  Zach's busy season at work is officially over, so we decided to take this week off work to enjoy time as a family, get some projects done, and welcome in spring.  Little did we know that spring was planning to stay well hidden this week, as we enjoyed temperatures in the high 30's today.  Not exactly play at the park, head to the zoo, go for a family walk kind of weather.  But making the best of it, we headed over for some indoor swimming this morning.  Both girls had a blast, and we counted that a successful start to our week of family fun!!

While the girls napped/rested after lunch, Zach and I decided to get to work on our long list of projects we hoped to accomplish this week.  I started some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and started loading up the recycling into the van while Zach began washing the truck.  About an hour into our work time, I heard some water running in the basement.  I walked down to see a massive amount of water soaking into our newly finished basement.  Apparently the insanely cold weather we had not only ruined our outside play time this winter, it also ruined our pipe to the outdoor spigot.  So as Zach cleaned up the truck, he also filled up our basement.  Ironically, he was cleaning it up to get ready to sell, but the sale of the truck will now probably just pay for our insurance deductible to restore our basement.  Instead of a leisurely afternoon of playing with the girls, we instead met with our insurance agent, called a plumber, and welcomed the de-watering folks into our home.  Not exactly how I envisioned our day going.

On the plus side, the water only damaged one wall and soaked a lot of the carpet (ruining the carpet pad), but none of our belongings were destroyed and the carpet can be salvaged.  A couple hours of people working in our basement, a few days of high powered fans, and a few more individuals to help us restore everything isn't the end of the world.  On the other hand, it's not exactly the stay-cation I had hoped for.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh, The Drama

Adelie is usually my happy little baby.  She has her moments, like when she's not getting her food fast enough or when I remove her from an activity that I deem dangerous or when I take away something that she wants. And although loud about her displeasure, she is easily distracted and it is generally very short-lived.  Except for one thing.  One thing that she can't be distracted from.  One thing that makes her scream until it's over.  Adelie HATES when I take a shower.

It's unfortunate.  I don't like when my children are sad.  I prefer not to hear my baby throwing a fit.  But more than that, I REALLY enjoy the 5 minutes I get to myself when I take a shower each morning.  I'm not sure where Adelie's dislike of this time comes from.  She generally doesn't act this way when I leave a room to go to the bathroom or make lunch or get dressed.  She loves her own bath time.  Running water has never been an issue for her.  But no matter what I do or how many great toys I put out for her to play with or how much freedom I give her during shower time, she can't be dissuaded.  As soon as she hears me start the shower, she begins to cry and head into the bathroom.  And when I get into the shower, the screaming starts.  She generally stands at the edge of the tub, screaming and pulling back the curtain until she's soaking wet.  And then she'll just lie face down on the bathroom floor and continue to scream until I turn off the shower and pick her up.  Fun times!!

Well, today I tried something new.  Adelie was happily playing in Staley's room when I headed in for my shower.  I started the water, and I heard her coming.  I put the bath toys in the hallway, shut the bathroom door, and got into the shower.  Yes, she continued to scream throughout my entire shower.  BUT...the screaming was less ear-piercing behind the bathroom door.  She didn't get herself or the bathroom floor sopping wet.  And I didn't have to worry about what she was climbing on or what she was getting into...because I could hear right where she was and what she was doing.  My daughter standing at the bathroom door screaming for 5 minutes isn't the best situation, but I've determined that it's better than standing at the tub and screaming...or screaming because she fell off the chair she was trying to climb on when I wasn't there to supervise.  It's not the ideal solution but sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm probably not earning any gold stars in the on-the-ball mom category here, but I FINALLY got a baby book for Adelie.  I've had to remove the pages for newborn handprints/footprints and comments from first visitors (since it's a little late for those), but I determined it wasn't too late to take photos of the nursery for the nursery page of the book.

It's small and cozy...

but it works.

And since I was already taking pictures, I figured that visually documenting Staley's big girl room wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Staley's big girl bed

The shelves that Adelie likes to empty and the chair she likes to climb on

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Although Staley was previously adamant that she was not going to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, the glittery clover shirt (that did have a small pinkish-purple bow) was hard to pass up.  Wearing purple leggings and a skirt clinched it.  And getting a picture of both girls looking at the camera and smiling...I guess it is a lucky day!!

When I'm 10

There are many ages that we look forward to as we're growing up.  When you are 5, you can go to kindergarten.  When you are 13, you are officially a teenager.  When you are 16, you get your driver's license.  Adulthood officially starts at 18.  These represent big moments in our lives.

Staley is 3.  There are many, many things that Staley can do at 3.  But there are also those things that she can't do yet.  And as she looks forward to some of these things, one magical age seems to glow in the distance.  She may not be able to live life as fully as she would like to now, but one day she will be 10...and then life will be grand.  Anytime I tell Staley that she can't do something because she's not old enough, she always asks, "Can I do it when I'm 10?"  Or she will tell me, "When I'm 10, I will..."  For Staley, 10 marks the essence of being all grown up and doing so many wonderful things.

Some of the things that Staley is looking forward to doing when she's 10:
1.  Pushing the big cart at the grocery store all by herself
2.  Wearing big girl underpants to bed (Here's hoping this one comes long before she's 10!)
3.  Riding in a horse show
4.  Cooking all by herself
5.  Picking up Adelie
6.  Sitting in the front seat of the car (although, in truth, she won't be doing that when she's 10 either)
7.  Tying her shoes and zipping her coat
8.  Going to work  (When I asked Staley where she is going to work, she said, "The hospital with you so we can be twins."  Then she said, "Or maybe a festival."  When I asked what her job would be at the festival, she said, "I will play sometimes and work sometimes."  So my daughter may be a doctor or a nurse or a therapist at the hospital...or a carny.)
9.  Playing on a soccer/baseball/basketball team
10.  Riding my bike  (One day she asked me, "When I'm 10, will you share your bike with me?")
11.  Marrying someone  (When I told her that she'd have to be even older than 10 to marry someone, she then decided that maybe she'd marry someone when she's 20.)
12.  Touching the grizzly bear at Bass Pro Shop  (In December, my Dad went with us to Bass Pro Shop one day for a little outing.  He took Staley over to see a big, stuffed grizzly bear.  He asked if she wanted to touch its foot, and she responded, "Maybe when I'm 3, I will touch it."  After turning 3, he remembered their conversation and asked if she was ready to touch the bear's foot now.  Giving it some thought, she replied, "I will touch it when I'm 10.") 

I have no doubt that Staley will be 10 before I know it.  I know that my daughter will be bigger and braver and more independent when she's 10.  She'll be riding bikes and playing sports and tying her shoes and probably even riding in horse shows.  But I also know that, no matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby...

...even when she's 10.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving Right Along

Adelie took her first independent steps on Wednesday of this week.  Now she's on a roll.  She spent most of today practicing her new skill.  Taking steps, falling down, crawling to something she could pull up on, and going again.  Over and over and over.  She's taken up to 10-12 steps at a time.  And she's so happy about it!!

My little walker

In between walking practice, Adelie also mastered another skill today.  She figured out how to climb up the steps to our little slide and slide down all by herself.  (She discovered this when in the basement alone with Daddy.  Mommy probably would have interfered.  :))  Adelie seems drawn to these gross motor activities with questionable safety.



and away!

Walking, climbing, moving, sliding.  My little gal is on the move...and showing no signs of slowing down.

Setting the Bar High

After Adelie's birthday party yesterday, Staley said, "This is the best day ever in my life.  When is Adelie's next birthday?"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party Time

Adelie won't officially turn 1 for another week and a half, but that didn't stop us from celebrating her birthday this morning.  I had started planning a monkey themed party for our little monkey.  However, when I told Staley about the party theme, she informed me that Adelie wanted to have a leaf party because Adelie likes leaves.  And it's true.  This past fall Adelie was enamored by the leaves on the ground, working hard whenever we were outside to get to (and try to eat) the leaves.  And so, in the spirit of compromise, Adelie enjoyed her monkey and leaf party today.

There were leaf decorations with a monkey twist...

Our tropical fireplace jungle

Monkey themed food...

like banana muffins, jungle fruit, tropical punch,...

and, of course, monkey bread.

There were games...

The older party goers tried to put pictures of Adelie in chronological order...

while the younger ones went on a banana hunt.

Although Adelie seemed to prefer the wrapping paper, there were plenty of fun presents to open.

And, of course, no birthday party is complete without cake.

Monkey cupcakes (in leaf colors) and Adelie's cake

When Staley turned one, she gingerly touched the icing on her cake, decided she didn't want to get messy, and asked for a cracker instead.  Adelie decided to take things in a different direction.

Double fisting

I'm just surprised she didn't get any in her hair.

Adelie got to enjoy the attention of her cousins and relatives.  She got wrapping paper, and the presents that came with it.  There are new birthday cards in our card basket for Adelie to empty all over the floor.  And the icing on the cake was...well, the icing on the cake.

All in all, it was a wonderful day.

A fun birthday party for our little monkey.

Friday, March 14, 2014

She Says...

This morning we were running errands and Staley kept cracking me up with the things that she said.

My van was disgusting from this snowy, salty, forever long winter weather.  Every time Staley was getting into or out of the van, I reminded her not to brush up against it because it would get her coat dirty.  We went through the automatic car wash this morning.  After we were through, I exlaimed, "Hooray!  My van isn't disgusting anymore."  Staley replied, "Now I can rub my arm on the van again."

I told Staley that we had to go to Party City as one of our errands.  She told me, "I know how to get there."  Then she proceeded to give me the directions.  "First you go left and then right and then the middle.  Then you go north and east and west."  And lo and behold, we did make it to Party City.  :)

I strapped Staley into her carseat and then walked around to get into the van.  As I climbed into my seat, Staley was screaming about her straps being too tight.
Me:  "I do not appreciate the screaming.  There are plenty of better ways to tell me what's wrong."
Staley:  "Oh, I wasn't screaming."
Me:  "Well, then what would you call it?"
Staley:  "I would call it asking like I was screaming."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Steps

For a few weeks now, Adelie has been taking a few steps from one person to another if we help her get her balance.  But today, Adelie pulled to stand on the chair in the playroom and then took 2 independent steps to me.  Later she did the same thing in the basement.  And so I'm making it official.  Adelie has taken her first steps.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lessons from Staley

Lesson #1:  The Grammatical Use of Numbers

"I'm a little tired and a lot hungry.  I'm 20 hungry and only 1 tired."

Lesson #2:  Being Flexible, yet Persistant

Staley to Liam:  "I'm Ariel.  Do you want to be Prince Eric?"
Liam:  "No."
Staley:  "Do you want to be King Triton?"
Liam:  "No.
Staley:  "Do you want to be Flounder?"
Liam:  "No.  I'm Buzz."
Staley:  "Okay.  Do you want to be a mer-Buzz?"

Lesson #3:  Dressing the Part

Me:  "Staley, what do you want to wear today?"
Staley:  "I'm not Staley.  I'm Jasmine."
Me:  "Okay, Jasmine.  What do you want to wear today?"
Staley:  "I'm Jasmine so I need to wear pants and a bathing suit."

I loved the description.  But because it was 20 degrees, we did eventually settle on something else.  :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

You Know Winter Has Been TOO Long and Cold When... decide that 36 degrees and sunny is the perfect weather for a morning trip to the zoo.

Getting up close and personal with the giraffe

Always ready to join in the fun

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She Says...

We had used up the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom so Staley was getting another roll out from under the sink.  She looked at me and holding up the new toilet paper roll, she said, "I got another gallon of this out."

Zach teases Staley quite a bit, and she's started to understand when he's teasing her.  The other night, she told him, "I'm going to tease you."  She looked around the room and, seeing his flashlight, said, "That's my flashlight."  Zach responded with, "No it's not.  It's mine."  They went back and forth until finally Staley said with a smile, "Oh, I was just teasing."  About 15 minutes later, Staley was using the bathroom and suddenly said, "Oh no!  How did I get poo poo on my shirt?"  Alarmed, Zach rushed in to see what had happened and with a big smile, Staley told him, "Oh, I was just teasing."  I must admit, she got him pretty good.

The other night at dinner, Staley and I had this conversation.
Me:  "I want you to eat 6 more peas, and then you can have some fruit."
Staley:  "How about 2 peas?"
Me:  " about 6?"
Staley:  "How about 2?"
Me:  "Nope.  6."
Staley:  (in a moment of inspiration) "I know.  How about twenty-two?"
Me:  "Okay."
And then she proceeded to eat her 22 peas.  She's a tough negotiator...but not that good at math.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daddy-Daughters Day

Zach is an amazing father.  He is involved in (almost) every aspect of our parenting journey.  From getting the girls up and ready in the morning to putting them to bed at night, Zach is right there.  He comes home from work ready and willing to take over kid duty.  Week-end time is family time.  He can play princesses and mermaids with the best of them.  And when he stays home for the day with the girls when I have other plans, Staley knows it's going to be special.  Because nothing can compare with Daddy-Daughters Day.

Daddy-Daughters Day has become a special tradition at our house.  Staying home for a fun day with Daddy is good.  But because he doesn't get to do that very often, Zach always plans something a little extra special for his days alone with the girls.  He's taken Staley swimming and to Monkey Joes.  Eating at a restaurant is usually involved...with dessert, of course.  One time Zach bought a Play-Doh ice cream shop for a little added at-home fun.  And a few weeks ago, Zach came home the night before Daddy-Daughters Day armed with over-sized construction paper, glitter, glue, and jewels.  While Adelie napped, he and Staley went to work on their creations...

and when the glue had dried and the glitter had settled, the end result was...

...awesome tiaras!

Daddy-Daughters Day is always something to look forward to.  And whether it involves swimming or dessert pizza or tiara making, I know that these special memories of time with Daddy will remain with our girls as they grow up.  And I love that!

Daddy with his girls