Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh, The Drama

Adelie is usually my happy little baby.  She has her moments, like when she's not getting her food fast enough or when I remove her from an activity that I deem dangerous or when I take away something that she wants. And although loud about her displeasure, she is easily distracted and it is generally very short-lived.  Except for one thing.  One thing that she can't be distracted from.  One thing that makes her scream until it's over.  Adelie HATES when I take a shower.

It's unfortunate.  I don't like when my children are sad.  I prefer not to hear my baby throwing a fit.  But more than that, I REALLY enjoy the 5 minutes I get to myself when I take a shower each morning.  I'm not sure where Adelie's dislike of this time comes from.  She generally doesn't act this way when I leave a room to go to the bathroom or make lunch or get dressed.  She loves her own bath time.  Running water has never been an issue for her.  But no matter what I do or how many great toys I put out for her to play with or how much freedom I give her during shower time, she can't be dissuaded.  As soon as she hears me start the shower, she begins to cry and head into the bathroom.  And when I get into the shower, the screaming starts.  She generally stands at the edge of the tub, screaming and pulling back the curtain until she's soaking wet.  And then she'll just lie face down on the bathroom floor and continue to scream until I turn off the shower and pick her up.  Fun times!!

Well, today I tried something new.  Adelie was happily playing in Staley's room when I headed in for my shower.  I started the water, and I heard her coming.  I put the bath toys in the hallway, shut the bathroom door, and got into the shower.  Yes, she continued to scream throughout my entire shower.  BUT...the screaming was less ear-piercing behind the bathroom door.  She didn't get herself or the bathroom floor sopping wet.  And I didn't have to worry about what she was climbing on or what she was getting into...because I could hear right where she was and what she was doing.  My daughter standing at the bathroom door screaming for 5 minutes isn't the best situation, but I've determined that it's better than standing at the tub and screaming...or screaming because she fell off the chair she was trying to climb on when I wasn't there to supervise.  It's not the ideal solution but sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

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