Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She Says...

We had used up the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom so Staley was getting another roll out from under the sink.  She looked at me and holding up the new toilet paper roll, she said, "I got another gallon of this out."

Zach teases Staley quite a bit, and she's started to understand when he's teasing her.  The other night, she told him, "I'm going to tease you."  She looked around the room and, seeing his flashlight, said, "That's my flashlight."  Zach responded with, "No it's not.  It's mine."  They went back and forth until finally Staley said with a smile, "Oh, I was just teasing."  About 15 minutes later, Staley was using the bathroom and suddenly said, "Oh no!  How did I get poo poo on my shirt?"  Alarmed, Zach rushed in to see what had happened and with a big smile, Staley told him, "Oh, I was just teasing."  I must admit, she got him pretty good.

The other night at dinner, Staley and I had this conversation.
Me:  "I want you to eat 6 more peas, and then you can have some fruit."
Staley:  "How about 2 peas?"
Me:  " about 6?"
Staley:  "How about 2?"
Me:  "Nope.  6."
Staley:  (in a moment of inspiration) "I know.  How about twenty-two?"
Me:  "Okay."
And then she proceeded to eat her 22 peas.  She's a tough negotiator...but not that good at math.

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  1. I used to tell Cade he had to lay down for quiet time and he would try to negotiate his quiet time and it seemed like he ALWAYS ended up negotiating himself more time because he mixed up minutes and hours! LOL