Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, March 14, 2014

She Says...

This morning we were running errands and Staley kept cracking me up with the things that she said.

My van was disgusting from this snowy, salty, forever long winter weather.  Every time Staley was getting into or out of the van, I reminded her not to brush up against it because it would get her coat dirty.  We went through the automatic car wash this morning.  After we were through, I exlaimed, "Hooray!  My van isn't disgusting anymore."  Staley replied, "Now I can rub my arm on the van again."

I told Staley that we had to go to Party City as one of our errands.  She told me, "I know how to get there."  Then she proceeded to give me the directions.  "First you go left and then right and then the middle.  Then you go north and east and west."  And lo and behold, we did make it to Party City.  :)

I strapped Staley into her carseat and then walked around to get into the van.  As I climbed into my seat, Staley was screaming about her straps being too tight.
Me:  "I do not appreciate the screaming.  There are plenty of better ways to tell me what's wrong."
Staley:  "Oh, I wasn't screaming."
Me:  "Well, then what would you call it?"
Staley:  "I would call it asking like I was screaming."

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