Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

She's One!!!

It's official.  My baby girl is one today!  She went from a snuggly, sleepy infant to a walking, giggly, active toddler in the blink of an eye.  Adelie has her one year check-up later this week, but I'm guessing she's around 18 or 19 pounds.  She's in size 3 diapers, and is starting to wear her 12-18 month clothes.  She has 8 teeth.  She nurses two times/day, eats 3 meals and a snack, and takes one nap.  She still sleeps for 11-12 hours at night.

My happy little gal

Likes:  Adelie is my happy little girl.  Her favorite thing?  Climbing.  She loves to climb on and off, in and out.  She climbs onto chairs.  She climbs into boxes.  She climbs onto Staley's bed.  She tries to climb into the bathtub, onto the table in the playroom, and all over anyone who is lying on the floor.  Her favorite toys are the Cozy Coupe car (climbing in and out), her ride on toy (climbing on and off), and the little chairs we have in the playroom and the basement.  She does enjoy the Little People princess castle, stacking cups, mardi gras beads, Staley's princess and mermaid figurines, and books.  Her current favorite book is her new pop-up farm animal book, but any book with flaps or buttons is fun.  She likes to color for short periods of time, and loves emptying our card basket.  Adelie likes to go on outings, and is generally content to ride in her stroller or a shopping cart.  Baths, swimming, being outside, animals, other kids, and eating (both edibles and non-edibles) all make the 'likes' list.  Adelie eats almost anything, but she LOVES tortillini and fruit...and birthday cake.  And she still can't get enough of her sister.



and more climbing.

Dislikes:  Adelie is vocal when she's not happy, which (luckily) isn't too often.  She gets mad about not having food quickly enough, when she's removed from a preferred activity, when something she shouldn't have is taken away from her, when she's bored in her carseat, when she wakes up and isn't attended to quickly enough, and when I'm showering.  She is generally distracted easily, and her displeasure is usually short-lived.

Skills:  Adelie is a walker.  She walks about 75% of the time now.  She is able to stand up in the middle of a room, and can squat to pick something up while walking.  She can crawl up stairs, and is very proficient at climbing.  Adelie figures things out quickly.  She loves to push buttons, activate toys, put things in, and take things out.  She can take off her socks, shoes, hats, and bows (constantly).  She feeds herself with her fingers, and is starting to try to use a spoon.  She can drink from a sippy cup and a straw.  She likes to 'help' brush her hair, brush her teeth, and try to put on her socks/hats/bows (that she has removed).  Adelie has said a handful of words, but her only consistent and unprompted words remain dada, sissy, and sock.  She signs more, drink, and book.  Adelie will do 'so big' and peek-a-boo.  She waves, claps, blows kisses, gives hugs, and dances.  When asked where her tummy is, she rubs her stomach.  She puts her hand to her ear to 'talk' on the phone.  She understands things like 'give it to me', 'put it in', 'come here', and 'sit down.'

Squatting is a great skill, so even when walking, you can still eat things you find on the floor.

My big walker

Adelie makes our lives so much fuller and richer.  I can't believe how much love I have for this baby girl.  What a year it has been!!!

My little one year old

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