Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Aside from a flooded basement and the less-than-springtime weather, we had a fabulous week off as a family.  Each morning we planned a fun, family activity.  We went swimming, to the Children's Museum, to the library, to the Riverfront Museum, and to the zoo as a family.  On Friday, I took Adelie for her one year check-up and shopping while Zach took Staley to paint pottery.  We also did plenty of eating out, playing at home, spending time with grandparents/cousins/aunts and uncles, and we even got some quality outdoor playtime today as we ended our stay-cation with some nice, warm weather.

Hanging with cousin Olivia at the Children's Museum

Enjoying some up-close animal encounters at the zoo.

My budding architect at the Riverfront Museum

A little quality time with cousin Elliott at the Riverfront Museum
(In case you were wondering, they are inside their ice castle shooting ice at me.)

Spending some fun time at home with my little one year old

After our family time each morning, Zach and I would then work on our long to-do list while the girls napped/rested.  We crossed the last 2 items off the list today!!  We accomplished a long list of jobs, everything from filling out Adelie's baby book and cleaning behind the fridge/oven to putting new tires on the motorcycle and doing our taxes.  But the job the girls were most excited about?  Putting together Adelie's birthday gift.

Adelie's favorite parts?  The working doorbell and the little phone.

Lots of fun for the whole family.

Adelie's new playhouse

We worked.  We played.  We rested up.  And apart from the watery basement (and Adelie's one year shots), we enjoyed every minute of our stay-cation.  

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