Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, March 17, 2014

When I'm 10

There are many ages that we look forward to as we're growing up.  When you are 5, you can go to kindergarten.  When you are 13, you are officially a teenager.  When you are 16, you get your driver's license.  Adulthood officially starts at 18.  These represent big moments in our lives.

Staley is 3.  There are many, many things that Staley can do at 3.  But there are also those things that she can't do yet.  And as she looks forward to some of these things, one magical age seems to glow in the distance.  She may not be able to live life as fully as she would like to now, but one day she will be 10...and then life will be grand.  Anytime I tell Staley that she can't do something because she's not old enough, she always asks, "Can I do it when I'm 10?"  Or she will tell me, "When I'm 10, I will..."  For Staley, 10 marks the essence of being all grown up and doing so many wonderful things.

Some of the things that Staley is looking forward to doing when she's 10:
1.  Pushing the big cart at the grocery store all by herself
2.  Wearing big girl underpants to bed (Here's hoping this one comes long before she's 10!)
3.  Riding in a horse show
4.  Cooking all by herself
5.  Picking up Adelie
6.  Sitting in the front seat of the car (although, in truth, she won't be doing that when she's 10 either)
7.  Tying her shoes and zipping her coat
8.  Going to work  (When I asked Staley where she is going to work, she said, "The hospital with you so we can be twins."  Then she said, "Or maybe a festival."  When I asked what her job would be at the festival, she said, "I will play sometimes and work sometimes."  So my daughter may be a doctor or a nurse or a therapist at the hospital...or a carny.)
9.  Playing on a soccer/baseball/basketball team
10.  Riding my bike  (One day she asked me, "When I'm 10, will you share your bike with me?")
11.  Marrying someone  (When I told her that she'd have to be even older than 10 to marry someone, she then decided that maybe she'd marry someone when she's 20.)
12.  Touching the grizzly bear at Bass Pro Shop  (In December, my Dad went with us to Bass Pro Shop one day for a little outing.  He took Staley over to see a big, stuffed grizzly bear.  He asked if she wanted to touch its foot, and she responded, "Maybe when I'm 3, I will touch it."  After turning 3, he remembered their conversation and asked if she was ready to touch the bear's foot now.  Giving it some thought, she replied, "I will touch it when I'm 10.") 

I have no doubt that Staley will be 10 before I know it.  I know that my daughter will be bigger and braver and more independent when she's 10.  She'll be riding bikes and playing sports and tying her shoes and probably even riding in horse shows.  But I also know that, no matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby...

...even when she's 10.

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