Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Meaning of Easter

I know the true reason we celebrate Easter.  I realize that the dresses and get-togethers and egg hunts and baskets are the clutter around the simple truth--that our Savior is alive!  And I think, in the midst of our busy Easter celebration yesterday, God was trying to remind me of that truth.

You see, yesterday was not a stellar day for our family.  And it was not a stellar day for me as a mother.  It was a good day, yes.  It had some great moments.  But adding together the good and the bad, our average for yesterday did not equal stellar.  We had a busy day planned.  And from the get-go, Staley was just having an off-day.  There were tears about her Easter dress...and her socks and her shoes and her hairstyle.  There were tears about not having enough time to color her Easter picture.  There were tears about trying to use the bathroom.  There were tears about her sister playing with her toys.  And that was all just before church.  And in the midst of the tears and the resistance, my lack of patience shone through.  My frustration with her behavior was no secret to anyone in our house.  And the mother that I wish I was in those moments was nowhere to be seen.

We had good moments yesterday.  The weather was beautiful.  Our church service was good.  We enjoyed time with both sides of the family.  The girls found Easter eggs and Easter basket treats.  But then there were my frustrations.  Like when my corn casserole didn't cook fast enough, making us late for our first family gathering.  Or when I accidentally hit a dial on my camera, making all the pictures from our second family gathering (including those of my whole family together, which we never get a chance to take) turn out so dark that you couldn't even see anyone's face.  Or the continued tears that ended our day with a daughter crying in her bed over lost bedtime privileges and one worn out mother.  And as I collapsed on the couch after the girls were in bed, I reflected on the day.  And I realized that THIS is what my Easter story is about.  It's about being an imperfect person.  A person who loses their patience and raises their voice.  A person who lets mild frustrations take over, causing them to be short with the people they love most.  It's about looking into the mirror of the day and seeing some ugliness that you want to hide.  And it's about a God who loves this very imperfect person SO much that He gave his one and only Son to die.   For me.  To take away my ugliness.  My impatience.  My frustrations.  My selfishness.  And to give me a fresh start to try

It may not have been a stellar day...but it was another perfect Easter.

Some cousin pictures...

...turned out better than others.

But Easter egg hunts,

candy to squish,

and time with family made for fun Easter memories.

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  1. I felt very similar sitting in church yesterday morning. After I had actually took my son's shoes and thrown them (not at him but towards him) when he was refusing to wear them yelling "Put these on! and Happy Easter!" (in a rather sarcastic/angry tone). My imperfectness was shining through. I was kicking myself for being so impatient (although he really was testing my patience). Good post and reminder for all us parents out there :)