Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Danger is her Middle Name

Adelie has no fear.  If it's there, she'll try to climb it.  And if she falls off, she'll get up and try to climb it again.  The following photos were taken within a 10 minute time frame this morning to illustrate my point.  THIS is my Adelie...  

Her favorite place to hang out in Staley's room

Climbing onto the rocking chair in her room...where she then likes to stand up

Unfortunately a new bathroom obsession is climbing onto the toilet.  
And yes, that is a mermaid in her mouth.

Luckily Adelie seems pretty coordinated, because I'm amazed that she doesn't get hurt more often than she does.  Unfortunately, based on her never-stops-moving, always-climbing, living-on-the-edge lifestyle, we still have our fair share of injuries.  And Sunday marked one of the scariest for me so far.  On Sunday afternoon, Staley and I were sitting on her bed reading books.  Adelie was playing on the floor.  All of a sudden, I heard a loud thud.  That horrible type that you just know is going to be followed by some screaming and crying...and probably some bleeding, swelling, or bruising.  I raced off the bed and scooped Adelie up to see blood pouring from her mouth.  We hurried into the bathroom for wet washcloths.  Her mouth bled and bled and bled.  When I looked into her mouth to see where exactly the injury was, I was shocked to discover that she had torn her frenulum (the little piece of tissue that connects her gums to her upper lip.)  A quick Google search calmed me when I discovered that this type of injury is very common and does not require treatment.  It also made me feel a little foolish as it warned not to pull the lip out to look at the injury as this causes increased bleeding (since I had done that no less than 15 times.)  But Adelie, being Adelie, bounced back quickly.  A bloody mouth, a fat lip, and a large scabby blood blister isn't going to stop her.

It may not look great for our church directory pictures tonight, but it's not going to slow my baby down.

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