Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, June 7, 2014

State Farm Play Day

Liam has been staying with us the past few days since, as mentioned in the post below, his parents are otherwise occupied.  He and Staley have been having a blast.  Sleep-overs and bath time, princesses and superheroes, Play-Doh and stickers, books and movies.  It's been super-fun!!  But today was extra special.  Today was State Farm Play Day!

So excited about riding an actual school bus to play day.

There were inflatables,

games (with awesome prizes like tiaras and parachute men),

Feeding the pig

Catching fish

a petting zoo,


 like corn dogs, hotdogs, and ice cream

and, of course, rides.

Everything from jeeps...

to ladybugs.

Before getting on each ride, Staley would ask me if it had a seatbelt.  She was pretty concerned that the little train ride did not have any seatbelts.  I'm not trying to raise a neurotic safety freak, but if I'm going to raise a child to be neurotic about something, I guess I'm okay with it being safety.  :)

They rode the roller coaster 6 times!
After their first time, Liam got off, threw both arms in the air, and exlaimed, "That.was.awesome!!"

Staley's favorite activity (which comes as no surprise) was...

...the pony rides.  (They rode 5 times!)

And Liam's favorite was...

...the ferris wheel.

Hooray for State Farm Play Day!!!!

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