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Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

He Loves His Family

He sure does love his family.  He loves them so much that he takes days off work to have extra family time.  He loves them so much that he is always coming home with special treats.  He loves them so much that he doesn't even take a moment to unwind after work before jumping into 'Daddy-mode.'  He loves them so much that he makes sure his free time is kept especially for them.

I have always known that his little girls are his world.  I have always known he would do anything for us.  I have no doubt that his family is his top priority.  But when Zach told me with tears in his eyes that he has decided to sell his motorcycle because he just couldn't take the risk that his daughters might have to grow up without a father, his love for his family had never been more evident to me.

Just as being a Chicago Bear's fan has defined Zach for most of his life, so has his love for motorcycles.  His dad likes to tell me (probably just to see the shock and disapproval on my face) about how he would drive Zach around on the front of his motorcycle as an infant.  Zach may not remember his first motorcycle rides, but can tell you with enthusiasm about the bikes he's had, the trips he's taken, the blissful feeling that riding gives him.  And the fact that the joy that riding gives Zach no longer outweighs the risks of that distracted driver, that texting teen, that startled deer...well, that speaks volumes to how Zach feels about his family.

This decision was Zach's and Zach's alone.  And all I can say is...he sure does love his family.  And his family sure loves him too!!

The early days

Zach and Greg in the Black Hills

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  1. WOW! Amazing post Ellen (love how your emotion comes through your words)! Jason has a similar story to Zach's and made the same decision when Kaden was about 2 for the same reasons. Now he'll ride his dad's motorcycle when we're in Illinois and, on a perfect weather day, he'll tell me "this is one of the five days of the year I wish I had a motorcycle." p.s. your new family picture is awesome!!!