Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, July 18, 2014

Marching to Their Own Drummers

Both my girls can be very typical for their age.  Staley is a typical 3 year old who wants her independence, has definite opinions, is enthusiastic about life in general, and cracks me up with the things she says.  Adelie is the typical almost 16-month old who is happy, busy, loud, and is always trying to keep up with her big sister.  But then there are things about my daughters right now that are definitely unique to them.

1.  Adelie always removes her right shoe and sock in the car or the stroller.  Just the right one.
2.  Staley still has her imaginary friend named 'Gage.'  (He's been around for about a year now.)  He is consistently part of her conversation.  She will often tell me about things that Gage says or does.  And she likes to tell me about things that she and Gage do together including going to carnivals, riding horses, seeing movies, and going swimming.  Apparently Gage is teaching Staley to swim without her puddle jumper.  Not sure how well an imaginary friend is at life saving techniques, but Staley has the utmost confidence in him.
3.  Adelie often reads books upside down, especially in the car.  In the car, I'd estimate that the books that she is reading are upside down about 75% of the time.
4.  Staley always sleeps with 2 stuffed animals.  She holds Yellow Bear while she sleeps, but she insists that her unicorn, Goldie, is under the covers at her feet.
5.  Adelie has recently started walking around on her tiptoes intermittently throughout the day.  Not sure why.
6.  Staley insists on wearing socks to bed for rest time and at night.  Even if it's hot out.  Even if she's going to be under the covers anyway.  Always, always socks.
7.  Adelie is always thirsty.  If she sees a drink (a water bottle, a sippy cup, my drink, her drink, anyone's drink), she just HAS to have something to drink.  We change plenty of sheets after naps or in the morning, and have to consistently remind her not to drink water out of the water table or the bathtub.
8.  Staley has been spending the past month talking about making her butterfly queen costume for the costume ball.  Not for Halloween.  For the costume ball.  And she doesn't want to order it from the computer or buy it from the store.  She wants to get 'supplies' to make this costume.  When I explain that I don't know how to sew, she reassures me that she can teach me.  It has been a constant topic of conversation for at least a month.  I just haven't yet figured out what 'supplies' she needs, what her vision for this costume is, and how we are going to make this happen.
9.  Zach has a massage stick that he uses on his legs after he runs.  It is Adelie's very favorite thing to walk around carrying...this stick that's almost as tall as she is.
10.  We recently were given a CD from China with nursery rhymes sung in Chinese.  Obviously my girls don't understand a word of it...and it's currently Staley's favorite CD.  (Thanks, Uncle Eric!)

There are many things that are typical about my girls.  Likes, dislikes, interests, behaviors, milestones.  So many things that are representative of all children their ages.  But then there are those things that make them so unique.  And I want to remember all the little things that make my girls who they are right now...the typical and the unique.

Adelie and 'the stick'

Staley with paper towels stuffed into her shirt, hair, and bracelets in one attempt to make a butterfly queen costume

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