Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, July 4, 2014

Not Quite Rocking It

Being a mother of two can be a bumpy ride.  Some days I feel like I'm in the driver's seat just cruising along with my family, totally in control and enjoying a beautiful ride.  And then there are times that I feel just like the passenger who is starting to fall out of the car and is just hanging on for dear life.

This morning, Zach went to run in a 4th of July road race.  The girls were up and dressed and playing nicely in Staley's room, so I decided to take a shower.  I was about halfway through my shower, shampoo in my hair, when I heard Staley come running into the bathroom saying, "I have to go potty.  I have to go potty."  Staley takes herself to the bathroom without problem, so I just told her to go ahead and go while I finished my shower.  A few seconds later, I heard a panicked voice saying, "I'm going.  I'm going."  I looked out of the shower to see Staley, pants half down, climbing onto the potty while leaving a puddle on the floor at the base of the toilet... AND to see Adelie (who of course followed her big sister into the bathroom) bending down and playing in the puddle that her sister had just made.  So, with shampoo still in my hair, I jumped out of the shower, picked up Adelie, cleaned off her hands, and put her out in the hall, shutting the bathroom door so that I could attend to Staley and clean up the bathroom floor.  By this time, Staley is crying about having an accident AND about getting pee pee on her 4th of July dress, Adelie is screaming in the hallway about being locked out, and I'm dripping water and shampoo all over the bathroom floor, just adding to the mess that I'm trying to clean up.  In that moment, I did not feel like I was rocking this mother-of-two business.

There are some moments that make you feel like you've got it all together, that you're doing something right.  And then you have those moments when you daughter is playing in a puddle of pee.

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