Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, July 27, 2014

She Says...

Staley has been cracking me up lately with the things that she says.

The other night at bedtime, Staley asked if she could read two long books before bed including one that had chapters.  When I told her "sure", she asked if we could read all the chapters in her chapter book.  I said, "Why not?"  Ecstatically, Staley exclaimed, "Mommy is out of control!"

When putting on her shoes the other morning, Staley said, "I can't wear my Dora shoes.  They are crazy tight."

The other day, I bought a new purse.  This morning we had this conversation:
Staley:  "I really like your new purse, Mommy."
Me:  "Thanks!"
Staley:  "Was it on sale?"
Me:  "Yes.  It was on a good sale AND I had a coupon."
Staley:  "So it was on double sale.  Good thinking, Mommy."

Staley and Zach had this conversation the other day:
Staley:  "Daddy, what are you going to be for the costume ball?"  (Yes, she's still talking about the costume ball.)
Zach:  "Maybe I'll be a pirate."
Staley:  "Ummm, no.  I'll give you some choices.  You could be a Bear's fan, a bear, a pirate, a dragon, or a wizard."
Zach:  "Okay, then I'll be a dragon."
Staley:  "Hmmmm....I think a wizard would be better."

And yesterday we went swimming as a family at the State Farm pool.  Staley was going down the little water slide all by herself, not even needing me to catch her at the bottom.  I said, "Staley, when did you get so grown up?"  And she responded, "Oh, about 5 minutes ago."

Sometimes it really does feel like that.

My little girl who's growing up way too fast

And not to leave her out, Adelie has been saying more things lately too.  Not exceptionally funny or clever things, but words like 'Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Anna, Elsa (noticing a theme??), Uma, Grammie, Grandpa, Lila, elephant, fruit.  And when all else fails, she still has "Da!" 

And don't mind the scraped up face.  A little tumble down the front porch steps isn't going to slow my little girl down.

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