Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Big Sister

Staley is a fantastic big sister.  She is very patient and loving and helpful with Adelie.  She shares with her, keeps an eye on her, plays with her, and gives her a hug and a kiss every night before bed.  She is also quick to tell me when Adelie is getting into something she shouldn't (which is often).  Staley is always ready to comfort Adelie when she is sad, and can make Adelie smile quicker than anyone else.

The other morning, I was getting ready in the bathroom upstairs while the girls were still sleeping.  (The girls' bedrooms are across the hallway from each other with the bathroom right between them.)  As I was in the middle of finishing my make-up, Adelie woke up and started to fuss.  I let her fuss for a few minutes while I was finishing up.  All of a sudden, Staley's bedroom door swung open and Staley went running across the hall yelling, "Don't worry, Adelie.  I'm coming.  I'm coming."  It was so sweet--and, of course, the minute Adelie heard Staley's voice, she stopped fussing immediately.

On the other hand, Staley is also quick to reprimand Adelie when she is breaking the rules (which, again, is often.)  This morning Staley was sitting at the table and Zach was standing behind her while holding Adelie.  Adelie reached down and pulled Staley's hair.  Staley said, "Oww!! Adelie is pulling my hair."  When Adelie let go, Staley turned around and told her sternly, "Adelie, I'm very disappointed in you."

Adelie is so lucky to have such a loving, attentive, and patient big sister.  And Staley is lucky to have a little sister who thinks she hung the moon.  I love watching my girls together...and I hope this sister love never changes.

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