Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School

Staley was SO excited about her first day of school today.  She picked out her favorite outfit and bow, put on her new sparkly princess backpack, and posed for first-day-of-school pictures.

On the way to school, I asked Staley what she was most excited about doing at school today.  She answered, "Learning."  I told her that she would probably have fun playing with her cousin and her new friends too.  She responded, "Recess is for playing.  Preschool is for learning."  I hope she's not disappointed in the amount of fun and playing that she will have to incorporate into her learning time.  

Staley had no qualms about being dropped off at school.  She happily hung up her backpack and jumped right into her classroom activities.  She barely noticed when I gave her a kiss good-bye.  

Usually Staley will be at preschool all day on her two days, but today was only a half-day.  I left work for awhile so I could pick her up from her first day and take her to lunch before dropping her off at the baby-sitters.  As soon as we got in the van, I asked Staley how she liked preschool.  She answered, "Great!" but then was quick to add, "but I didn't learn anything today."  Based on our conversation, I learned: 

1.  That her preschool sings a different days-of-the-week song than she sings at Miss Meagan's.  (I'm assuming same days of the week, different tune.)
2.  That she had Cheez-its for a snack and Skittles when she was lining up to go home.
3.  That they read a story about a mouse who goes to school and makes a mess, but is so little that he takes a bath in a sink.
4.  That she had the neatest backpack of anyone in her class.  (Hoping she wasn't sharing that little thought with her classmates.)
5.  That there are two bathrooms.  A little bathroom with a big sink in her room and a big bathroom with little sinks across the hall.  Apparently the big bathroom has lots of potties, but curtains instead of doors.  (Yes, the bathroom descriptions were a lengthy part of our conversation.)
6.  That she only made one friend (her cousin, Lila) but sat next to Sloan when she ate her Cheez-its.
7.  That she colored a picture.  On one side, she drew rain because it was raining outside.  On the other side, she drew a castle.  And that she had to leave her picture at school because that was the rule.
8.  That her favorite thing was playing on the playground.  I guess since there wasn't enough learning taking place, she had to find something to be a favorite.

A great first day of school for my little girl...
topped off with ice cream and sprinkles!!

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