Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lessons in Dental Care

A few nights ago, Staley and I had this conversation as she was brushing her teeth:

Me:  "Don't forget to brush the teeth way in the back because that is where cavities like to hide."
Staley:  "No, Mama.  That is where the sugar bugs like to hide that make the cavities."

I think she's been spending a little too much time with Aunt Melissa.  :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sore Bones

Yesterday Staley's school had a 5K fundraiser.  Instead of running/walking on the 5K course, the preschool and kindergarten kids ran around in an enclosed tennis court area.  I had to work, so my mom took Staley.  Apparently Staley had a blast holding hands with a friend and running around and around the court.  My mom estimated they ran around it about 15 times...and Staley was exhausted.

Staley all ready for her run.

This morning, Staley woke up, got out of bed, patted her legs, and said, "Mama.  My bones hurt."

I think 15 laps around a tennis court would make my bones hurt too.  Let's be honest.  These days, a full day of shopping or taking the stairs up to the 6th floor at work can make my bones hurt.

Eighteen Months

My baby is already 18 months old.  How can that be????  Adelie is my happy, funny, active, messy, loving, spark plug of a baby girl. She hasn't had her 18 month check-up yet, but she's around 22-23 lbs.  She wears her 18-24 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and is starting to wear her size 5 shoes (although still insists on wearing her size 4 pink cowboy boots like sissy's.)  Adelie takes one nap (for about 1.5-2 hours) and sleeps 11-12 hours at night (7:30 to 7:00ish).  She goes to the baby-sitter's one day/week and stays with Grammie the other day while I work.  She lives life on the move with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

Adelie...and her pink cowboy boots

Likes:  Adelie likes playing outside, animals, bath time, going on outings, climbing on things, and doing anything her big sister is doing.  Adelie doesn't play with any one toy for long periods of time, but favorites include the Little People princess castle, Staley's beauty shop, puzzles, blocks, baby dolls, and balls.  More so, she prefers to play with anything Staley's playing with or anything she's not supposed to have, like DVD cases, remotes, cell phones, laptops,...  She enjoys books, and is sitting for longer periods to listen to stories.  (Her baby-sitter said that she is now sitting and listening during Circle Time instead of tackling the other kids.)  She loves books with flaps, Duck and Goose books, books with animals, and her little photo album.  She doesn't watch much TV (except catching the end of what Staley's watching), but does enjoy the Baby Einstein farm video and Mother Goose Club songs on Youtube.  And, like her sister, Adelie loves princesses, especially Elsa.  She is also a fan of Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, and Elmo.  Adelie has no fear, and loves sliding down slides, climbing ladders/step stools, and swinging high.  Adelie is a great eater, but favorite foods include all fruits, most veggies, tortillini, brats, cheese, and any dessert.  But Adelie's very favorite thing in the whole wide world is her big sister--going where she goes, doing what she does, singing what she sings.

Two peas in a pod

Dislikes:  Adelie is starting to demonstrate her emerging toddler ways--throwing little fits when things don't go her way, like when I won't pick her up as I'm making dinner or when she is made to share a preferred object or when she is removed from a fun (dangerous) activity or when someone else has something she wants.  Although she's a great eater, she's not a big fan of breads (waffles, sandwiches, buns).  She doesn't like sitting in her high chair when she's done eating, being carried, sitting still, and being told 'no'.

She's all smiles when things are going her way.

Skills:  Adelie is my coordinated little gal.  She can climb almost anything.  She is starting to run, goes up and down stairs independently, goes down slides by herself, and tries to pedal her tricycle.  (Her legs just aren't quite long enough.)  She loves to take things out and put things in, take tops on and off bottles, and turn toys on and off.  She enjoys coloring and painting (for brief periods of time) and likes to put stickers on her papers--and herself and the table and the floor...  She is getting good at puzzles, and can do her 5-6 piece wooden puzzles like a pro.  She likes to stack blocks, throw balls, and open DVD cases.

The park is always a big hit!

Adelie can feed herself with silverware, although still reverts to her fingers and is generally a mess when meals are over.  She will blow her nose, wash her hands (with a little help), and try to brush her teeth and hair.  She can remove her shoes and socks, and can put on Staley's socks and socks.  (She also likes to try to put on Staley's pants, underwear, and pajamas.)  Adelie always lets us know when she has messy pants by patting her bottom.  (She also did this once right BEFORE pooping the tub.  Zach learned his lesson after that.  :))  Adelie is becoming more and more of a talker.  She has about 60-75 words that she uses, although some of them cannot be understood unless you speak fluent Adelie, like 'baba' for belly button or 'me-me' for Minnie.  She is just starting to put 2 words together.  She also has a plethera of animal sounds, some of which she uses to substitute for the actual animal name like saying 'moo' instead of cow or 'ssssss' instead of snake. Adelie knows her body parts, with her belly button as her absolute favorite.  She can count to 10 with some help, although her favorite numbers are 3, 8, 9, TEN!!  She does hand motions to songs, gives hugs and kisses, dances, and twirls.

Filling up a bowl with corn?  What could be more fun???

Adelie has a little spice to her personality.  When told 'no', she will often continue with her activity while looking directly act you.  When asked to 'come here', she will often turn and run away (while laughing).  She will look you in the eye as she tosses her food/cup/spoon onto the floor at mealtime and then look down and say, "uh-oh."  She will scream when she's mad, cry when it works to her advantage, and try to hold an armful of toys while refusing to share even one.  But she also gives big hugs, lays her head on my shoulder during song time before nap/bedtime, loves to hold hands, and has a smile that lights up the room.

My little 18 month old

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Household Routines

My parents continue to live with us as their house remains in the process of being built.  I'm sure that they are ready to have a place of their own, but we still love having them here.  The girls have grown very accustomed to having Grammie and Grandpa around.  And we have grown accustomed to some new household routines, like how my dad always folds all the laundry or how my mom cooks for us on the days I work or how my dad and Zach run together a few mornings each week.

The other evening as I was putting Staley down for bed, my mom came up and asked, "Are the clothes in the laundry baskets clean and ready to be folded?"  Staley responded, "Grammie, you don't have to fold the laundry.  That's Grandpa's job."

I guess we're not the only ones getting used to the new household routines.  I'm just wondering if my dad will continue to fold all our laundry even after they move out.  Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Little Geography Lesson

Staley and I had this conversation yesterday after preschool:

Staley:  "Today on the playground, Lila and I were on the slides and we were pretending we were in different countries."
Me:  "What countries were you pretending to be in?"  (I was curious whether or not Staley had any idea what a country is.)
Staley:  "I was in...(long pause as she's thinking)...Spain."
Me:  (Being very impressed by this understanding of countries) "I like Spain.  And what country was Lila in?"
Staley:  "She was in...(another long thinking pause)...Pumpkinland."

Guess I should have just stopped while we were ahead.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Anniversary

When I first got married, I was so grateful that I found someone who was attractive, treated me well, embraced my independence, and supported my dreams and desires.

During those early years of our marriage, I was so grateful that I found someone who shared my interests, was so fun to be around, and was happy to share this little life we had started together.

Christmas, 2003

As we became more established in our careers and our life, I was so grateful that I found someone who worked hard and studied hard to build a better life so that we could afford to do those things we loved.

Cruise, 2004

Europe, 2006

Backpacking in Utah, 2007

When we decided to start our family (and weren't succeeding), I was so grateful that I found someone who supported me so fully, loved me so unconditionally, and stood by my side through every step of that painful period.

One of my infertility shots, December 2009

When we were FINALLY expecting our first child, I was so grateful that I found someone who took care of me, pampered me, was so thoughtful, and couldn't wait to share this parenting journey with me.

December 2010, with Staley on the way

And as our family grew, I was so grateful that I found someone who is an amazing father and an active participant in our parenting partnership.

Zach with his girls, Easter 2014

And now, 13 years later, I am so grateful.  So grateful that I found someone so attractive and fun, hard-working and supportive, thoughtful and loving.  So grateful that I found someone who is amazing father, an incredible husband, and my best friend.  I couldn't ask for a better partner in this life we share.

Happy 13th Anniversary!!
(San Francisco, September 2014)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Victory Formation

Let's not talk about last week.  But tonight?  It's a good night to be a Bear's fan!

(Even if you're in bed before the game starts.)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Same, but Different

Staley's cousins are at Disney World this week.

Staley:  "What is Disney World?"
Me:  "It's a place that has rides and it's where the Disney princesses live."
Staley:  "Oh.  I think I've been there.  Remember?  I met Snow White and Cinderella."
Me: "That wasn't Disney World.  That was the Pumpkin Festival."

Disney World.  Pumpkin Festival.  I think they're pretty much the same.  Well, except for the pumpkin ice cream.

Staley and Adelie meeting Anna, Elsa, and Olaf at Disney World the Pumpkin Festival.
(Adelie wouldn't take her eyes off Elsa.)

San Francisco

With Zach completing another insurance designation through State Farm, they sent us on an all-expense paid trip to San Francisco to celebrate.  We were there 5 days/4 nights and squeezed a lot into our time.

We walked along the Bay.  Ate fabulous sea food.  Took a boat cruise.  Toured the various neighborhoods.  Enjoyed time at a local science museum.  Visited with the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf.  Rode a cable car.  Attended a few required formal dinners.  Visited with an old friend and his family.  Watched football.  Walked on the Golden Gate Bridge.  Ate way too many desserts.  Shopped.  Slept in.  And thoroughly enjoyed our first kid-free vacation.

Thanks, State Farm!!

And thanks to both sets of grandparents who kept our girls so happy and entertained that they really didn't seem to notice we were gone.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Yellow Bear

Yellow Bear is Staley's special stuffed animal.  She still sleeps with him every night.  He still goes most places she goes.  He still remains a part of her play.  And so, I've gotten pretty good at finding Yellow Bear.  He ends up in some strange places.  Shoeboxes.  Drawers.  Under beds.  In the bathroom cabinet.  Behind the couch.  On playroom shelves.  In shoes.  In the hamper.  When it comes time to find Yellow Bear, I never rule anything out.

The night before we left for vacation, Staley couldn't find Yellow Bear at bedtime.  She had no idea where he was.  I looked in all the usual (and some of the unusual places) with no luck.  As I was looking in all the drawers of blankets in Staley's closet, she asked incredulously, "Why are you looking in there???"  (For a little one with an amazing memory, I was a little surprised that she didn't remember me finding him in there several different times.)  Running out of ideas, Staley went to sleep without Yellow Bear.

In the morning before leaving the house, I decided to make one last final look in several places I hadn't.  Lo and behold, I found Yellow Staley's bathing suit drawer of her dresser.   I took him downstairs and said, "Look who I found?  Do you know where he was?"  Staley asked, "Where?"  I responded, "In your bathing suit drawer."  And with a spark of recognition, Staley calmly replied, "Oh yeah.  I put him there."

You sort of assume you'll be learning new skills as a parent.  But figuring out how a 3 year old's mind works??  I might learn where to look, but why he might be there...that is still a mystery to me.


We had an uneventful plane trip halfway across the country (after we rushed onto our initial plane at the last possible moment).

We settled into our 14th floor hotel room overlooking the city.

We have wandered and done some sight seeing.

We've seen some very entertaining street performers.

We visited some old friends.

We've eaten some great local food.

Yes--we are on vacation.

I almost finished an entire book on our plane flights.

We had a nice, leisurely meal at a fancy restaurant.

We meandered along the waterfront, walking and sight seeing for several hours.

We sat on our friends' couch and watched 2 full football games without interruption.

We had cake and ice cream for 8:00 at night.

We've stayed up late and slept in.

Yes--we are on vacation without the girls.

Do we miss them?  Definitely.  Are they having a fabulous time at home with their grandparents?  Absolutely.  Do I miss them SO much that I can't enjoy adult conversation, leisurely meals, sleeping as much as I want, and exploring this amazing city with my husband?  Not at all.  I love San Francisco, and so far, our first kid-free vacation has been lovely.  I'll be excited to see the girls when we get home, but not before I enjoy a few more adult meals, a little more sleep, and visiting a few more areas of the city. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Just Like Her Big Sister

Adelie LOVES her big sister.  She follows her around.  She borrows her shoes.  She plays with her toys.  She imitates the things that she does.  Although Adelie is definitely her own little person, she often wants to be just like her big sister.  So it should come as no surprise that Adelie loves princesses.  Although her vocabulary isn't extensive, Adelie can identify and name Cinderella, Aurora, Anna, Belle, and Ariel.  But her absolute favorite?  Elsa!  She is always putting on Staley's 'Elsa' shoes.  She always requests her 'Elsa' bow.  In the car, she always wants to listen to the 'Elsa' song.  And she can always find the 'Elsa' movie and the 'Elsa' books on the shelves.

The other day, I bought Adelie a pair of pajamas that had 5 of the Disney princesses on them.  She absolutely loves those pajamas.  She wears them while pointing out and naming all the princesses she is wearing.  The first night she wore them, Zach woke her up in the morning to get ready to go to the baby-sitters.  As he was starting to remove her pajama top, Adelie asked, "Off?"  Zach said, "Yes, we have to take your pajamas off so you can get dressed."  And Adelie burst into tears.

There are many things about Staley and Adelie that are different.  They definitely have their own unique strengths, likes, dislikes, personalities...  But there are also some things that make them the same.  And apparently a love of princesses is one of those.

Adelie in her princess PJs

Growth Spurt

All her summer dresses are ridiculously short.
We had to buy all new shoes.
She can put together 48 piece puzzles all by herself.
Her bedtime prayers now include phrases like:  "Please keep me safe at school from the traffic" or "Thank you for the birds that sing and the rain for the flowers."
She generally deals with disappointment without tears.
She loves to count to 100 (although still needs help knowing which tens column comes after 30, 40, 50...)
She has mastered pedaling her tricycle (and is improving with pedaling AND steering at the same time.)
Her drawings are beginning to actually look like things.
She can reach the faucet handles on the bathroom sink from her step stool.
She always wants to be a part of adult conversations, often asking "What are you guys talking about?"
She loves to practice her reading, independently sounding out 3 and 4 letter words.
She generally gets her shoes on the correct feet.
She is always good about keeping an eye on her little sister.
She can work the laptop, the television remotes, and cell phones like a pro.
She is a legitimate helper with cooking, cleaning, and home repairs.
She is only 3 1/2 years old...but she continues to grow and change and blossom into an amazing little girl.

Where did my baby go????

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Conversation with Adelie

We have limited television time at our house.  Staley usually gets to watch an episode of a cartoon or part of a DVD after her rest time.  If Adelie wakes up during Staley's television viewing time, she generally watches whatever Staley is watching.  A few weeks ago, Adelie got up from her nap and Staley was playing in the playroom.  While giving Adelie her snack, I put on a Baby Einstein farm video.  She LOVED it!!  Since then, I've let her watch that video several more times.

Yesterday Adelie woke up from her nap after Staley had already watched her after-rest show.  While carrying Adelie downstairs, I asked if she'd like to watch her 'cow movie'.  She got excited and responded with "yesssss."  I sat her on the couch and then went into the kitchen to grab her a snack before starting her movie.  At that moment, Zach came down the stairs to see Adelie sitting patiently on the couch with no snack and the television not on.

Zach:  (Surprised to see Adelie sitting calmly and patiently on the couch) "Adelie, what are you doing?"
Adelie:  "Moooo."
Zach:  "What?"
Adelie:  "Moooo."
Zach:  "Oh, are you waiting to watch your cow movie?"
Adelie:  "Yessss!"

She may be a woman of few words (and animal sounds), but apparently that's all you really need.